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The benefits of hiring dedicated Agile teams for your software project

Working with dedicated teams is one of the key ingredients to a successful recipe for delivering projects in an Agile manner. The advantages carried by this model are applying to both the client and the company providing the services, but most importantly it has a big positive impact on the project delivery. The dedicated teams model ensures: Exclusivity and full-time…
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SafeStorage – How we’ve Built a Smart Locker for Managing Testing Devices

Developing a high volume of mobile applications at a time also involves a large number of QA engineers thoroughly testing the solutions on various environments, making sure that the final product is delivered with respect to the specifications and the quality standards defined. But having a transparent process for test device management, while vital, it’s often difficult. Because tracking where…
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Chip Design and ASIC Verification Basics in 2021

In a world dominated by apps and software, little or no attention is given to the actual hardware that allows apps and software to run, also known as ASIC verification. The chip, as the smallest part of any computer or laptop component, is also the most important component of any hardware system. Also known as IC (Integrated Circuits) or ASIC…
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How to easily integrate authentication and encryption using SHE and HSM

Inside this post, you’ll be able to discover the main features of Secure Hardware Extensions (SHE) and understand how to properly use them. You can also get a copy of the specification from if you do a document search for „Specification of Secure Hardware Extensions”. SHE is a simple standard that allows for easy integration of short-and-simple authentication and…
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Upgrade your eCommerce Platform Leveraging Agile Transformation

We live in a day and age where agile transformation is a must for any company that wants to grow its reach and expand into new markets. Being agile becomes even more important for businesses that activate in the online commerce industry, especially in highly-competitive niches. This subject was thoroughly discussed in one of our recent webinars. During the event, our solution…
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Practical Example of How to Install the Magento 2 Stripe Extension

Payment fraud and cyber-attacks are what makes many people hesitant about going online and making purchases. In the B2B environment, this threat is even bigger, as we’re talking about large sums of money. Fortunately, Magento store owners can drastically increase the security of their platforms by installing the Magento 2 Stripe extension. Stripe offers Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard…
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How typing biometrics in virtual proctoring is redefining online exams

In our modern digital era, the online examination has undoubtedly become an integral component of exams. The student assessment is submitted remotely without any physical interaction. This method is not just more affordable, but also less time-consuming. However, student authentication and compliance have their own set of challenges. Ensuring online exam integrity has become a necessity. One of the safest…
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Strategies for a more personalized Customer Experience

COVID-19 reshaped the way companies engage with their clients in an unprecedented way. During these crisis times, brands had to rapidly adapt to the new communication era, rethink their Customer Experience (CX) strategy, and find new ways to loyalize and meet their clients’ expectations. As a new era of CX is emerging, we took a deep dive into what modern…
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