Semiconductor Engineering

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Semiconductor Engineering

Long-lasting expertise

Today companies engaged in the design and fabrication process of semiconductors have to overcome numerous challenges, having to deliver higher quality products at a reduced cost and in a shorter time span. Tremend’s experience in the semiconductor industry positions us as a key partner for any chip-making company looking to get an edge on the market.

Top-notch experts

In order to remain competitive and shorten the time-to-market, while keeping pace with the technological breakthroughs, you need an expert by your side. At Tremend, we take great pride in our long-standing partnership with top engineers working in the ASIC verification industry.

Our capabilities

We come with a vast range of expertise in advanced engineering, emerging technologies, and agile transformation. Over the years, we’ve been working with top companies in the semiconductor industry, such as Nvidia, NXP, and Kalray. Our services include firmware design, ASIC design verification, device prototyping, functional verification, and system-level verification.

Tremend’s Expertise in

Tremend’s Expertise in Semiconductors

ASIC Design

  • Coverage-driven front-end design functional verification
  • Planning: developing the verification plan (test plan, checkers plan, coverage plan)
  • Execution: building verification environments and test suites
  • Sign off: regressions running and debug coverage analysis
  • We’re using eRM and UVM methodologies
  • Customization of EDA verification tools


  • Board Support Packages
  • Expertise in Linux, Android, RTOS, and low-cost microcontroller devices
  • Connectivity solutions with multiple protocols including WiFi, Bluetooth LE/mesh, and Zigbee
  • Device security, secure manufacturing, and over-the-air update systems
  • Pre- and Post-silicon firmware validation


  • Toolchain development and maintenance
  • Compiler backend and debugger ports for new silicon
  • Eclipse-based tool development
  • Functional Safety qualification of tools (ISO26262)
  • Optimization of software libraries for new architectures

Back-end Design

  • Synthesis – Performing synthesis, analysis, and debugging on multi-million gate logic design
  • Physical Design – Expertise in the most advanced technology process nodes up to 5nm FINFETs
  • Physical Verification – Layouts are carefully checked with the industry-standard tools, including parasitic extraction to confirm on spec operation before the first silicon.
  • Static Timing Analysis (STA) & closure – Post Layout Extraction Timing Analysis for multi modes & multi corners, Timing ECOs using TSO or manual for timing-critical paths
  • Power Analysis – EMIR analysis (static and dynamic): Power Integrity (Power EM and IR-Drop) and Signal Integrity (Sig EM, IR-Drop, and Noise)

Why Choose Tremend
as your Design
Verification Partner?

We are a software development company specialized in web and mobile application development.

Why Choose Tremend as your Design Verification Partner?

We have been

high-end functional verification and system-level services to high-end companies from Israel, Europe, the United States, and Canada. We have extensive experience in various procedures and techniques, including methodologies like UVM, OVM, VMM, and eRM, and verification languages such as SystemVerilog and eLanguage.

Our skilled

of ASIC verification experts can offer a multitude of verification services, delivering bug-free chips that work flawlessly. We collaborate with chipmakers and hardware engineering enterprises to support device conceptualization, design, and ultimately manufacturing.

Through our

in engineering, agile development, and supply chain management, we’re enabling our partners to develop innovative products and take their chip design & manufacturing processes to the next level. At Tremend, we’re enabling top semiconductor chip makers to stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with the industry’s changes.

Our Services

SystemVerilog UVM Based Verification

  • Accelerated test bench development using automation tools
  • IP verification
  • Using best practices in verification coding

Verification Planning

  • Stimulus generation
  • Feature extraction
  • Checkers
  • Coverage
  • Assertions
  • Error scenarios

Verification Management

  • Test case mapping
  • Coverage closure & tracking
  • SoC and IP level verification expertise
  • Gate level simulation


  • Consumer technology I/O Buses
  • Data transmission
  • Computational offloading
  • AI accelerators

System-Level Verification

  • Simulation and hardware emulation
  • Developing automation tools
  • Creating debug-effort decreasing tools
  • Randomizing user cases
  • Elevating coverage definitions from block level to system level

Design Services

  • IP microarchitecture
  • Timing & DFT
  • RTL design
  • Synthesis
  • LEC
  • Low power checks

ASIC Verification

  • Test bench development
  • Architecture
  • Performance tests
  • Assertions
  • Power awareness
  • Formal verification

Key Software Delivery

  • Frequent fully functional releases.
  • Automated end-to-end release processes, testing, and multi-staged delivery.
  • Version control policies.
  • Code reviews and pull requests.
  • Well-established Definition of Done & Ready for the user story, epic, sprint.










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