Take your exams online securely with data biometrics-based eProctoring


Why do you need an online proctoring tool?

In 2020, the proctoring market saw a huge increase among Universities and testing centers worldwide. A growing number of both public and private companies have come to realize the huge importance of having a strong tool in place so that they can prevent dishonest behavior during exams.


Promote fair assessment

Using a proctored test, you can now put an end to this dishonest behavior.

Save money and time

You no longer need to find a person to oversee the exam, and you’ll also clear out any issues related to logistics and location maintenance for physical tests.

Get a high degree of security

The best online proctoring tools out there are based on Artificial Intelligence and biometrics and are extremely secure.

Give credibility to the company

Become more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of new students or customers.

Meet observeED

ObservED is a multimodal proctoring platform powered by an AI algorithm. This complete system detects, prevents, and deters any possible form of dishonesty during remote exams. It integrates with the Moodle app and was created by Tremend, in collaboration with TypingDNA a behavioral-biometrics SaaS company offering innovative typing-based authentication.


Biometrics keystroke dynamic validation (using predictive analysis from TypingDNA)

Random camera snapshots are used for student validation.

AI-powered proctoring at a distance

Record browser activity (switching tabs, copy/paste pieces of text, and so on)

Face recognition capabilities powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services

Out-of-the-box integration with Moodle LMS, the world’s most popular open-source Learning Management System

Find out how you can elevate your learning and assessment program through data biometrics-based eProctoring

How observED works

Integrate it with your LMS

Out-of-the-box incorporation with Moodle and API-based integration with custom LMS

Get the report

once the exam is completed, observED compiles an evaluation document and presents it in the dashboard


Conduct the online exam

observED gathers telemetry, including browser data and typing data, continually verifying the identity of the student and tracking their behavior throughout the test

How it protects you?

Typing Pattern Monitoring

observED verifies the typing pattern of each student using TypingDNA’s algorithm. Typing pattern monitoring is based on advanced biometric keystroke dynamics. The entire process can be customized for the unique needs of each user.

Browser Activity

ObservED looks at the actual browsing data history of each student, ensuring that test participants have not accessed other websites during the test.

Camera Snapshots

Lastly, our tool takes camera snapshots at regular time intervals to verify the identity of the person taking the test. If it notices something unusual, it will trigger an error.

Why do our clients choose ObservED?

  • Low cost: ObservED comes at an affordable price
  • Full control thanks to the administration control dashboard.
  • Easy to use: anyone can use our tool, regardless of previous experience in proctoring monitoring. ObservED ships in the form of a plugin for Moodle LMS.
  • Fully customizable: at Tremend, we are offering full customization based on the unique needs of our customers
  • AI-enabled: ObservED uses TypingDNA’s unique AI-enabled pattern recognition software

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