From retail and eCommerce to healthcare, education, utilities, or manufacturing, we are eager to offer your business the competitive edge it needs.

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At Tremend, we are offering a wide range of consumer services that cater to the growing needs of modern businesses. From retail and eCommerce to healthcare, education, utilities, or manufacturing, we are eager to offer your business the competitive edge it needs.

Our high-end consumer-related services include mobile development, CMS development, UI/UX, consulting, digital onboarding, virtual consultations, software development, and cloud-based implementation. With us by their side, our clients have managed to accelerate their businesses to grow and expand their product range while reaching new markets and verticals.

Explore below our main range of consumer services and discover some of the projects we’ve completed for our clients over the course of the years.


Our retail-focused services are perfect for any small or large organization looking to boost its sales, get more qualified leads, and establish its brand as a strong competitor in its industry. Thus, whether you’re launching a new store and you want to capitalize on our modern retail software development services, or you run a large corporation and you want to ramp up your business across new verticals, we’re here to help.

With Tremend by your side, you can get a 360-degree view of your customers. You can benefit from our advanced end-to-end retail services to grow your business, reduce costs, prevent losses and improve staff management.

We’ve been offering software development and improvement services to key players in the retail industry for years now. Here are some of the areas we’ve worked in:

  • eCommerce implementation & consultancy
  • CX consultancy
  • Marketplace integration services
  • Solution migration
  • UX/UI solutions

Here are retail projects we’re proud of:

nepi rockcastle logo

NEPI Rockcastle: this project involved designing a modern loyalty mobile app that enables shoppers to accumulate benefits when shopping at over 15 malls in Romania

nepi rockcastle app
carrefour logo

Carrefour: we’ve developed a new portal that integrates the retailer’s independent projects all under one roof

carrefour app
leroy merlin logo

Leroy Merlin: we are developing and maintaining Leroy Merlin Romania’s ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), working also on other projects within ADEO’s digital ecosystem.

leroy merlin app
vivre logo

Vivre: we’ve developed a custom-made application for our clients based on modern industry standards and tailored to their unique needs

vivre app
profi logo

Profi: our team has designed Profi’s entire website, including their loyalty program, cloud back office, eCommerce features, and click&collect tool

profi app
sudwolle group logo

Sudwolle: Tremend delivered a virtual world tour for Sudwolle which involved creating a digital platform that was specially designed to offer a superior experience and to create a similar experience to a physical fair through interactive features and high-end technologies.

sudwolle group app


When it comes to eCommerce services, Tremend comes with a proven track record of delivering multiple successful projects to our clients in various industries. Our bespoke eCommerce integration services cater to the needs of modern businesses, enabling them to rise above the market average.

We’re offering a multitude of eCommerce-related services, that include but are not limited to:

  • CMS setup
  • Microservices-based solutions
  • Technical audits
  • Consulting & implementation
  • Custom eCommerce development
  • Theming, UI/UX, customer experience
  • Analytics & dashboards
  • Business process automation & orchestration

Let’s explore some of the eCommerce projects we’ve successfully finalized over the years:

Essentra Components

Essentra Components: a large eCommerce implementation project that enabled our client to better keep tabs on their stocks, sales, and inventory in almost real-time, with great accuracy

Essentra Components

Coats: our engineers introduced new functionalities onto the platform and updated the unstable and less performant parts of the application.

Actility logo

Actility: a partnership to promote intelligent enterprise management and advanced engineering

mezcrafts logo

Mezcrafts: we deployed new features for our client’s website using the smart handlebars framework



Over the years, Tremend’s team has been involved in countless healthcare-related projects. We’ve combined our software development skills with today’s high-end technology to develop bespoke implementation services to large customers such as Merci, Regina Maria, or Oana Nicolau. To top it all, we’ve even our own tool called “Telemed” which allows clinics to up their game and connect with their patients at a deeper level.

At Tremend, we’re offering you a wide range of bespoke telemedicine services to enable you to stay on top of any potential challenges and make the most out of each appointment. We’re also offering the following healthcare-related services:

  • Designing bespoke secure applications between patients and physicians that can be customized according to our client’s needs
  • Digital onboarding services
  • Virtual cabinet & eWallet set up
  • Designing a GDPR-compliant application that features access to instant reports

Here are some healthcare projects we have completed in the past:

regina maria logo

Regina Maria: this healthcare project involved delivering two fully functional mobile apps that would improve the two-way communication between doctors and patients

regina maria app
oana nicolau logo

Oana Nicolau: replaced Oana Nicolau’s CRM with an improved Salesforce version, set up licenses, set up security, defined the page layout, set up automation, and created the reporting and dashboard tools.

oana nicolau app


Telemed: a modern telemedicine platform that allows clinics to improve their operations

tele med app desktop
merci logo

Merci: this was an android mobile app for a leading dentistry organization

merci app

Transportation & Mobility

The transportation & mobility industry is growing at a rapid pace. Customers are demanding new & customized experiences, so we’re doing our best to continually innovate and set up complex projects in an agile manner.

In terms of projects in the transportation & mobility niches, we can highlight the following:

  • Digital transformation for courier companies
  • Replatforming & adding new business features
  • Logistics & creating new components
  • Order management platform set-up

Our experience in this niche revolves around the following clients:

cargus logo

Cargus: we’ve implemented several projects for Cargus, including the enablement of clients to pay Cargus couriers with the card, launching mobile apps for the company, implementing the pick-up/drop-up service, along with the Cargus Ship&Go points.

cargus app
pace logo

Pace: we’ve developed a high-end web platform for our client, which included the Google Cloud Platform, infrastructure as code, load testing, and a fully containerized deployment

pace app
mavsign logo

Maverick Signings: web and mobile development to digitize the signings that occur in car dealerships. Mavsign connects the two parties engaged in contract signings in cases where signings occur off-site for the dealership: dealerships log-on into the Maverick system and place an order.

mavsign app


Companies working in the manufacturing industry are facing fiercer competition than ever before, so they need to utilize high-end tools, solutions, and platforms in order to outperform their competitors and scale up their brand awareness. At Tremend, we are mindful of the needs of companies that activate in the manufacturing industry and we’re offering a multitude of bespoke software implementation services that cater to their specific needs.

Our manufacturing services are:

  • Cloud-based manufacturing execution systems
  • Creating scalable solutions
  • Traceability set-up
  • Multi-plant visibility
  • Unit history set-up
  • Real-time work instructions set-up

In terms of projects in the manufacturing niche, we have worked with the following companies:

sanmina logo

Sanmina: an American electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider that serves original equipment manufacturers in communications and computer hardware fields. Recognized as a technology leader, Sanmina provides end-to-end design, manufacturing and logistics solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) primarily in the communications networks, computing and storage, medical, defense and aerospace, industrial and semiconductor, multimedia, automotive and clean technology sectors. The scope of this project is to provide automation support for the client’s current infrastructure.

sanmina app


Our education and eLearning services cater to the needs of modern businesses that want to expand in this niche and reach more students. We offer a plethora of services focused on maximizing our clients’ organizational growth, based on our customized agile methodology to eLearning delivery and deployment.

Our services in this niche are:

  • Instructional design, development, customization, localization, and maintenance of complex eLearning solutions
  • Development of multimedia eLearning content: interactive courses, manuals, eBooks, games, 3D simulations
  • Consultancy in deploying training and knowledge-building environments
  • Operation, DevOps/cloud hosting on AWS, Google, Azure
  • Deployment of eLearning / Learning Management Systems (LMS) and collaboration platforms

We have vast experience in the education industry, and have implemented the following projects:

bright kids logo

BrightKids: Tremend’s engineers have set up a complex enterprise mobility project to allow our client to turn their existing digital structure into a modern, fully functional online learning system

bright kids app
learn it live logo

LearnItLive: our professionals maintained and enhanced the LearnItLive platform

learn it live app
safebridge logo

Safebridge: a complex solution for our client’s LMS that included a new user management module inside the existing platform, and an access management module over several of the company’s systems

safebridge app
my future logo

MyFuture: we delivered a functional platform to our client, along with an admin & staff dashboard

my future app

What companies like yours say about us

Viorel Ruse - First Bank
testimonial quotes
Viorel Ruse / First Bank
With a comprehensive experience, Tremend successfully delivered a solution that integrates the latest security features and ux trends. All our requirements were timely implemented into a website with personality, that reflects our company’s DNA.
Silvia Dumitrascu - ING Bank
testimonial quotes
Silvia Dumitrascu / ING

Our partnership with Tremend goes back a long way and we’ve had a great collaboration. Tremend engineers have proven their expertise and have always been available, helpful and action-oriented, delivering quality projects fast and in a reliable manner.

Mike Deshowithz - ModSolar
testimonial quotes
Mike Deshowithz / ModSolar

As a business leader, whatever challenge I have from a technology standpoint, I know that Tremend’s team can handle it. They are always ahead of the curve for us, always in tune with the modern technologies and the ones we should be using.

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