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Firefox Extensions

To make your browsing experience a pleasure and also benefit from a great development tool, Firefox is key. Here is my list of must-have extensions: DOM Inspector – inspect browser dom, really good for debugging DHTML FireBug – helps on any JavaScript error, much like IE Script Debugger TamperData – allows header information display and tampering WebDeveloper – a great…
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iBatis O/R mapping

After some years of Hibernate or Spring+Hibernate, it was time to try something new. Not for the sake of trying something new, but more out of the need. The problem Think of a legacy database, very generic, without a clear business model representation. As a metadata storage database, different business objects persisted in the same data structures. The solution Navigating…
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New ant tasks from ant-contrib library

The new collection of ant tasks from comes with some useful and interesting tasks, that one will find handy when making a build file: Among those tasks the following ones helped me a lot : Variable: osfamily antcallback AntCallBack is identical to the standard ‘antcall’ task, except that it allows properties set in the called target to be available…
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Spring magic – Nested transactions

The problem: Import a large number of items into a database, commit valid ones, and keep track of invalid ones. All in a single transaction. Traditional solution: Tedious to write. Programatically start a transaction and set a savepoint for each processed item. Rollback to savepoint if an exception occurs or commits if all ok. Spring solution: Easy, just modifying the…
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