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Technology & Innovation Consulting

Innovation as a Service Assistance

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Disruption Readiness

Businesses and organizations that want to take their digital transformation journey to a whole new level should capitalize on what innovation as a service can offer. Due to technological disruption, innovation is driving companies to step out of their standard process and look beyond their R&D teams.

Premium Innovation

At Tremend, we are focused on providing premium innovation as service assistance to any type of company looking to grow and expand in today’s highly competitive marketplace. We make use of agile innovation programs, acceleration & incubation, and a proven process based on design thinking to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

How we work

We come with a pragmatic approach to enable you to get started with digital transformation.
Our goal is to design a working MVP or minimum viable product. 

We employ our innovation methodology to get the product up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Methodology

We work using a tried-and-proven pragmatic process to inspire your team and to create winning strategic experiments that have a real impact on your organization. Our focus is on those activities and tasks that enable your business to grow and discover its true potential.

For years, we have gathered vast experience with various business models, products, and innovative projects. We understand innovation as the sum factor of the following concepts:

Our Methodology

Innovation sessions

Where areas of the business that can be improved are identified and solutions for improving them are found.

Improvements can also come in advance, based on the industry trends, and new technology, but always keeping in mind business value.

Rapid prototyping

We implement ideas using the software development methodology of Tremend.

This is a delivery model based on over 16 years of experience in delivering internal or external projects, running hackathons, or working with startups.


Here the resulting implementations are tested and validated to ensure maximum output.

Innovation as a Service – Main Tech Lines


data mining, pattern recognition, anomaly detection, face recognition, identity verification, chatbots


systems for tracking pallets, sensors


certificate storage, digital identity storage

Our Innovation as a Service Projects

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