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Designing seamless User Experiences and User Interfaces for complex software solutions serving over 60 million end-users

How we work?

How we work?

Full-stack design services

We deliver the full stack of design services for fluent usability and user interaction with software solutions. We focus on user-centric, flow-oriented, device-agnostic experiences to maximize customer satisfaction.

User Research

We deploy an extended range of research tools to define the fittest approach for user interaction. In order to ensure an experience based on empathy, we lay out the User Personas. Our experts then create User Flows for a visual representation of each action during product utilization. The Experience Map is another useful tool we use to highlight the motivations and needs of users throughout the customer journey.

In-depth exploration

For deeper research, we analyze Use Cases that describe the way users carry out each step of the process, with a focus on the way apps respond to their requests. Depending on the type of product, we create Storyboards that highlight the actions taken by customers.

Market Research

We conduct a thorough competitive analysis of similar products, taking into account features, functionality, and usage flow. The process results in a Competitive-analysis report that ensures the creation of an improved experience.


We use several approaches for designing experiences and interfaces that drive better user interaction.


We create

mood boards to enable exploration based on images and references, to direct stakeholders towards the desired result, by proposing the product’s visual style guide.

We use prototypes

as working samples of the final solution, which are highly useful when testing a product in the stages before launch.

Our UX experts

draw wireframes to take the project closer to the final result, by representing a page structure with its hierarchy and key elements.

We deliver

sketches for quick visualization of the new interface design.


Each final design is validated by using a host of structured, measurable approaches:

Quantitative Surveys

to gather feedback from users, with a focus on measuring customer satisfaction

Usability reports

that explicitly describe all issues derived from hands-on utilization of the product.


Analytics reports

that measure user interactions with the product, taking into account everything from user session time and search queries.

Tools we use

Adobe XD


Adobe CC





Our Clients

We’re proud to have built strong partnerships with industry-leading companies worldwide, becoming the Technology and Innovation Partner of choice for Global 500 customers for their most complex and critical projects.

What companies like yours say about us

Cecilia Valsted & Lars Brask - Indeframe
testimonial quotes
Cecilia Valsted & Lars Brask / Indie Frame
Our CTO had previous experience working with Tremend and based on his recommendation, we came to Romania. The people here made a very good impression. We have similar time frames and they speak very good English. I believe it’s important to have a very good system so you can hire the best people and Tremend has this part covered.
Evian Stanciu
testimonial quotes
Evian Stanciu / Coats

Performing complex tasks under time pressure and constraints was something that Tremend exceled at, besides their impeccable customer service and promptitute. We would certainly recommend Tremend for any complex software project.





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