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With over 15 years of expertise in financial services, Tremend has designed dozens of financial software projects to enable its clients to get an edge on the market. Our innovation projects allow our partners to stay two steps ahead of the curve and leverage the latest financial disruptors and technologies.

At Tremend, we’re focused on accelerating the adoption of digital transformation and providing superior financial services that cater to a diverse number of financial institutions, covering banking, securities, insurance, and investment management sectors. Our aim is to enable our partners that activate in the financial services industry to better manage disruptions, accelerate growth, and be able to add new value to their brands in today’s rapidly changing world.

Our role is to enable your
company to:

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  • Transform PSD2 into an advantage, instead of a hindrance
  • Capitalize on AI/ML to keep your customers engaged
  • Add value to your brand
  • Expand your financial services sales using frictionless digital lending channels
  • Grow your expertise in financial services and become compliant with all PSD2 rules & regulations
  • Streamline operations and improve the onboarding process

Our Financial Software Services:

Financial services companies that want to grow and expand need to find new ways to become more innovative and agile. Whether you are a bank looking to better serve your customers, a fintech wanting to stand out from the crowd, or any other financial institution that wants to benefit from superior financial services, we can help you outsmart your competitors.

Our experienced software engineering team can transform your ideas into reality through digitization and digital transformation, innovation, optimization, functions, and process integration. Discover below our vast range of financial services:

Main Categories of Financial Services


We are experts in the banking sector, being a trusted partner to numerous Global 500 customers. Our world-class delivery coupled with a relentless focus on quality and efficiency propelled us into becoming a trusted partner for top banking institutions, such as Raiffeisen Bank, ING Bank, and Santander Bank. We are also collaborating with large companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Mastercard.

Here are some of the banking projects we’re proud of:

raiffeisen logo

Raiffeisen Smart Mobile: our team of developers partnered up with one of the largest banks in Europe to design a groundbreaking mobile app that would position the company ahead of the market.

raiffeisen app
ing logo

ING Bazar & Home Bank: we’ve been part of a massive project that involved designing and reshaping the Bazar and Home Bank application for ING Bank

ing app
santander logo

Tremend has created a technical upgrade for Santander’s website, improving the outdated system and enabling our clients to benefit from a quicker life cycle of their banking products

santander app


Our agile transformation capabilities have enabled us to offer bespoke software development services to major Fintechs on the market. The list of partners includes IFNs like Credex, Up Group, Orange and EdenRed

orange logo

Orange: as part of our collaboration with Orange, we’ve helped improve the company’s portal and included a vast of modern solutions, such as detailed invoices, electronic invoices, time usage, and mobile version.

orange app
up logo

UP Romania: we’ve partnered up with Up Romania to design two mobile apps for their meal, holiday, cultural or gift card. Both apps we’ve designed were packed with tons of features and powerful tools.

up app
credex logo

Credex: Tremend’s team collaborated with Credex in order to design the ultimate financial management experience, creating an appealing mobile app that enables the company’s users to seamlessly keep tabs on their finances and get loans quickly.

credex app
edenred logo

EdenRed: this Fintech project involved creating two mobile apps for EdenRed. Inside the apps, users can activate, block & unblock their cards, see updated information & transaction history, see & change the PIN code, access a complete map of partner retailers, gain access to certain promotions and even get customized meals recommendations from a nutrition specialist from Edenred.

edenred app


Tremend’s software development services involved helping insurance companies to take their operations to the next level. Two of the most important projects in this area are:

signal iduna logo

Signal Iduna: this collaboration involved a complete reshaping of their existing mobile app, enabling both desktop and mobile users to quickly manage their insurance services.

signal iduna app
nn logo

NN Platform: our team designed the web content platform in Drupal for our client and implemented a multitude of high-end features within it.

nn app


Tremend is also experienced in providing software development services to companies that activate in the leasing sector.

Payment processors

Tremend’s expertise in the payment processors niche is quite extensive and involves providing services like open banking, strong customer authentication, tokenization services, card management, and COF and P2P integration.

Two projects that stand out from the crowd in this area are:

mastercard logo

MasterCard: our collaboration with MasterCard is extensive and includes enrolling MasterCard cards into Apply Pay eWallets while complying with European’s PSD2 regulations.

mastercard app
amadeus logo

Amadeus: this project involved building from scratch the development capabilities for Amadeus’ payment/wallet/tokenization solutions

amadeus app

Why choose Tremend as your Financial Digital Transformation Partner?

One Of The Fastest-Growing Companies In Financial Times 1000 Europe Ranking

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At Tremend, our goal is to help you succeed in the financial market by offering you a wide range of financial management tools. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of global financial institutions to ramp up their procedures and expand their market share. Highly scalable and secure, Tremend’s financial solutions serve over 100+ million transactions, through both desktop and mobile channels.

  • 145 Projects delivered
  • Our solutions generate 100+ million transactions
  • YOY growth 44.56% & 26% new customers every year

We pride ourselves on completing numerous high-grade projects for major banking institutions, designed to accelerate customer-centric digital transformations across the financial services industry.

Leveraging our vast expertise in online, mobile, microservices, big data, analytics, and cloud deployments, we’ve successfully delivered responsive, scalable, and easy-to-use platforms, Internet and Mobile Banking applications, loyalty solutions, online rebranding, card compliance mandates, and various regulatory functionalities triggered by the new PSD2 directive for our clients.

  • 150 Tremend engineers working in the Financial Software Services
  • 25% resource allocation and 25% revenue
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 500EMEA winner

We are more than ready to meet your needs regarding any type of financial software project. Whether it’s functionality, diversity of features, or the highest level of security integrated within your banking system, we’ve got you covered. We build optimal and applied solutions, as well as foster innovation and dynamism in areas that require agility and up-to-date technical knowledge.

What companies like yours say about us

Viorel Ruse - First Bank
testimonial quotes
Viorel Ruse / First Bank
With a comprehensive experience, Tremend successfully delivered a solution that integrates the latest security features and ux trends. All our requirements were timely implemented into a website with personality, that reflects our company’s DNA.
Silvia Dumitrascu - ING Bank
testimonial quotes
Silvia Dumitrascu / ING

Our partnership with Tremend goes back a long way and we’ve had a great collaboration. Tremend engineers have proven their expertise and have always been available, helpful and action-oriented, delivering quality projects fast and in a reliable manner.

Mike Deshowithz - ModSolar
testimonial quotes
Mike Deshowithz / ModSolar

As a business leader, whatever challenge I have from a technology standpoint, I know that Tremend’s team can handle it. They are always ahead of the curve for us, always in tune with the modern technologies and the ones we should be using.

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