Agile Transformation Services

Offering continuous transformation using an agile operating model to enable our customers to achieve greater agility and better results

Agile Transformation Services

Discover our Agile Enterprise
Transformation Services

Agile Transformation Services

Agile Transformation

Agile transformation is one of the main catalysts of improved business processes. At Tremend, we’re proud to be using an agile operating model and make the most out of our bespoke agile development process to enable you to get an edge on the market.

Catalyst for a thriving business

Our agile transformation services are specially designed to help your company achieve enhanced agility and improve your results. We strive to enable your brand to leverage the power of the Kanban agile process and the agile approach so that you can stay two steps ahead of your direct competitors.

Becoming Future-Ready

Our end-to-end seamless agile development approach can improve your business’ responsiveness to the actual needs of your customers while enabling you to accelerate your growth. We aim to create a seamless growth experience for your company using a synergy of tools, roadmaps, processes, strategies, and agile operating models.

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation

Next-Level Agile Transformation

  • At Tremend, we focus on driving change through constant collaboration and process improvement. Our team of experts can seamlessly integrate with your team with the scope of defining a winning collaborative culture, increasing lead generation value, and setting up strong engineering practices.
  • In the current business landscape, most companies out there face constant pressure to improve their services & products. At the same time, they need to find new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of their prospects. The easiest and most effective way to meet these challenges head-on is to make use of modern agile practices.
  • Our agile enterprise transformation services are focused on helping you make a difference in your niche. We realize that true agility can only be accomplished through a step-by-step agile development process that sparks collaboration between departments. We are standing by your side throughout this entire process, guiding your team and ensuring everything goes smoothly.

What Actually is Agile Enterprise Transformation?

  • In today’s highly competitive landscape, technology is not the one making the difference, but the capability to work following an agile operating model. The agile approach permits companies to flourish and grow. The way it does that is by enabling organizations to cope with continuous change and capitalize on the latest trends.
  • The agile scrum framework allows companies to renew themselves, adapt, change quickly, and succeed in today’s market. It also enables them to quickly reconfigure their strategy, processes, people, and technology for value-creating.
  • Agile development has the goal of generating instant, frictionless, incremental, and risk-free value at scale. Agile is about working smarter, rather than harder. It’s not about doing more work in less time, but about generating more value with less work.

Why Tremend?

We are a software development company specialized in web and mobile application development.

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At Tremend

we are focused on creating a culture of innovation. Our agile transformation services go hand in hand with our custom software development and UX design services, enabling your company to expand into new markets by bringing together the operations, R & D, and innovation departments.

We focus

on enabling your team to fully harness the power of modern engineering techniques and make use of advisory, training, and coaching services. Usually, this entire process of organizational agile transformation could take years to materialize. However, thanks to our extended experience in this field, we can transform it into a two or three-month process.


our agile transformation approach, we’re using the best available software, practices, and automated tools. You can gain the peace of mind that you’ll benefit from top agile enterprise transformation services and your company will be able to fully leverage the benefits of an agile mindset.

Our Agile Transformation Services

Agile Transformation

  • Operations strategy and roadmaps
  • Agile operating model
  • Software unit organizational design
  • Agile PMO and consultancy
  • Agile budget management
  • Success criteria
  • Capabilities Assessment


  • Tailored agile training
  • Agile coaching
  • Agile metrics monitoring
Our Agile Transformation Services
Our Agile Transformation Services


  • Agile tooling
  • DevOps strategy
  • DevOps release engineering
  • Automation
  • Team
  • Tailored agile training
  • Agile coaching
  • Agile metrics monitoring
  • Cloud
  • Migration strategy
  • Managed services


  • Migration strategy
  • Managed services

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