Smart solution for verifying the identity of persons and validating the authenticity of official documents


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The Project Purpose

To increase the competitiveness of Tremend Software Consulting and subsequently of the economic environment in Romania, by assimilating, applying, and extending Industrial Research results of the University of Bucharest.
To support the development of a new IT product in the field of intelligent specialization, 2.1 Information, and communications technology.
To develop, validate and launch an IT product on the market to verify and validate the owner of an identity document, to compare and validate various official documents based on the owner’s photo, captured with a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet.

Specific Objectives

Starting from the results of the research at the TRL4 level of the University of Bucharest, the objective is to strengthen the company’s innovation capacity by creating a new IT product to be commercialized;
Carrying out industrial research activities in close collaboration and experimental development between Tremend and the University of Bucharest to analyze, design, demonstrate and validate an experimental model and validate the IT product prototype;
Dissemination of research results.

Product Objectives

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The Project Objective


Strengthening Tremend innovation capacity by creating a new IT product, starting from the TRL4 research results level of the University of Bucharest, to market the product on the domestic and international markets, in the smart specialization field 2.1 Information and communications technologies.

Dissemination of the results of the R&D research in the project through participation in national and international conferences by UB partners and article publication for this purpose.

Carrying out industrial research activities within a collaboration between Tremend and the University of Bucharest to analyze, design, demonstrate, and validate an experimental model to develop a new computer product.

Carrying out experimental development activities in a collaboration between Tremend and the University of Bucharest for the validation of the IT product prototype.

Project phases and organization

Phase 1 – Technical studies and analysis

Expected results: In this stage, the preliminary requirements for the development of the project, and the specific objectives for each component of the platform will be detailed.

Phase 2 – Design, development, and demonstration of the experimental model and prototype validation

Expected results: Experimental model and prototype

Estimated Results

  • Scanning, extracting and recognizing printed text from identity documents.
  • Comparison and validation between 2 photos – either between two identity documents or between the document and the person, photographed in real-time with a mobile device, such as a telephone or tablet, for reading the identity documents, the mapping between the different documents, and biometric studies.
  • Automatic enrollment (automatic onboarding), retrieval of data from identity documents (with different practical applications, of which the essential ones are – enrollment of candidates for exams, for the university environment (University of Bucharest), enrolling users in commercial applications, Tremend products, such as TORP, Tengine, Safe Storage and other products, identifying existing or new customers using an official document).

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