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Leverage the Power of Functional Testing

Leverage the Power of Functional Testing

Leverage the Power of Functional Testing

At Tremend

we offer flawless functional and non-functional testing for web and mobile applications, as well as embedded systems. We are experts in various types of automated test frameworks such as Selenium, Appium, Protractor, Specflow, Tosca, and others, ensuring that regression tests are performed in a streamlined manner.

We offer

consultancy for defining a QA process that ensures the repeatability of test results and better quality products, while ensuring that non-functional requirements are met, through performance testing, UX testing, and security testing.


you need a QA audit for your current project or you need to benefit from superior software testing and quality assurance services for your app development, we are ready to help. Our professional software QA team can ensure that your software runs smoothly and works as planned.

With us by your side

you can gain the peace of mind that your customers will be more than happy with how their custom software works. Our QA specialists use reliable functional testing tools and procedures to thoroughly review the design, functionality, and digital customer journey. The end result includes stable, easy-to-use solutions that your customers will love.

Why Choose Tremend?

When looking for the top software testing companies out there, you need to rest assured that you’re working with the best. At Tremend, we’re proud to be a reliable software testing and quality assurance partner for any company that needs to grow and expand.

Our Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Functional testing: we verify that the software respects the requirements defined in the User Acceptance Criteria. Our engineers offer consultancy in refining user acceptance criteria such that we arrive at a clear understanding of the scope of testing. Our experts perform regression testing to ensure that the previously developed and tested software still performs according to the specifications. We also perform cross-platform testing as part of the unified functional testing strategy

Integration testing: verifications are performed in an environment where individual software modules are combined and tried as a group. We offer API testing (REST & SOAP) to determine if the API meets the expectations for functionality, reliability, performance, and security. To ensure quick feedback, we automate integration tests using, Postman, and various other tools

Load and performance testing: we load the target system with a high input demand, then measure the response and the speed of the software system, to compare it with the desired targets. We offer distributed load testing to generate heavy loads using tools such as JMeter, Gatling,

Usability testing: we focus on providing recommendations for an intuitive, easy-to-use application. We assess the learnability, memorability, and efficiency of a product as well as organize focus groups to improve the usability characteristics

QA audit: we can conduct a formal review of your current QA process and provide you with consultancy on how to improve the process. Our own internal project management tool automatically gathers quality metrics from

Here are some of the traits that set us apart from the competition:

  • We work only with ISTQB® certified QA engineers
  • We’re proud of our technically diverse team that can tackle any type of software QA project
  • We’re experts in testing with both mobile and desktop applications
  • We boast the ability to define and execute test plans that guide the QA processes to assess functional specifications as well as non-functional specifications through usability, performance, compatibility, and security testing
  • We are specialists in working with a wide range of automation test frameworks
  • We have a mature team with hands-on experience in e-commerce, CRM, ERP, and other custom systems, as well as ISO 26262 automotive testing compliance
  • We delivered more than 300+ QA testing projects successfully to date
  • There are over 60+ million users who benefit from our functional and non-functional testing solutions

How we Work

Our QA testing procedures are based on proven mechanisms that offer maximum performance while utilizing a minimum amount of resources required.

You can trust us

we integrate the automated tests as part of the software delivery pipeline to obtain immediate feedback on the latest release candidate. This allows continuous delivery and fast feedback for broken builds

we create scripts to simulate user interactions on various browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, verifying both functionality and visual elements

we automate tests by simulating the user interactions on iOS and Android. Tests are run on our internal phone farm that offers hassle-free cross-platform testing

we create automated tests, based on human-readable language (Gherkin) to simulate use cases and offer tests reports that are easy to understand

Our Clients

We’re proud to have built strong partnerships with industry-leading companies worldwide, becoming the Technology and Innovation Partner of choice for Global 500 customers for their most complex and critical projects.

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