Strategies for a more personalized Customer Experience

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Strategies for a more personalized Customer Experience

Customer Experience

COVID-19 reshaped the way companies engage with their clients in an unprecedented way. During these crisis times, brands had to rapidly adapt to the new communication era, rethink their Customer Experience (CX) strategy, and find new ways to loyalize and meet their clients’ expectations.

As a new era of CX is emerging, we took a deep dive into what modern customers really want, how companies can offer memorable experiences to their prospects, together with specialists from Salesforce and Carrefour, at our webinar on building a more personalized Customer Experience.

Florin Mihai, Carrefour’s product owner, detailed his unique experience with Salesforce and outlined how one of the biggest retailers worldwide was able to grow exponentially during this crisis period by using the Customer 360-degree approach offered by Salesforce.

Here are some of the most important lessons learned during our CX Webinar on how to create a more personalized Customer Experience.

The importance of Customer Experience

CX is the reality your customers perceive about your brand, and today it’s much more about them than about the company.

A great example comes from the famous US singer Dave Carroll. After claiming that the United Airlines staff broke his famous guitar during a trip to Omaha, he was mistreated by the company. Following this incident, he created a song called “United Breaks Guitar” that went viral, gathering 20 million views until May 2020. Even a Wikipedia page was created to showcase this story.

On the other side, United Airlines’ stock price fell by 10% during the following months. A single unhappy customer who had a claim of around $3,000 ended up costing the biggest US airline company over $180 million.

In 2020, the experience customers have has become as important as the quality of the product. Everyone wants fast, connected, and personalized engagement. According to Salesforce’s data, over 80% of customers care about the experience a company offers just as much as they care about services and products, while 78% of them want a personalized experience.

Each company that wants to thrive and grow in today’s highly competitive market needs to place the customer at the center of its CX. 

Leveraging Salesforce to provide superior CX

Salesforce is a solution that can facilitate an outstanding CX, as they can offer a Customer 360-degree experience by gathering feedback from all platforms and channels of interaction. This customer-centric service provider is a road opener for both B2B and B2C companies.

They offer personalized, smart, and reliable services, by investing in both people and technology. Their own platform sustains customer-centric services and delivers personalized services in order to give modern companies all the tools they need to grow.

Here are 4 unique ways Salesforce empowers companies to create customer-centric services:

1. Connect services across the business: Salesforce integrates data from any system, plus it unifies and secures the IT infrastructure of the company.

2. Accelerate Agent Productivity: this tool allows companies to take action from a single workspace, automate routine tasks, and optimize service operations

3. Elevate service experience in every field: build an intelligent command center and empower the mobile workforce with real-time insights

4. Deliver seamless digital services: Salesforce enables companies to build online experiences quickly and smoothly, streamline services across channels, and scale up using bots and AI.

Leveraging Salesforce products post-COVID pandemic

Salesforce offers a wide range of tools that allow companies to quickly adapt to unprecedented change and keep tabs of the changes in customer behavior. It can help companies to stabilize themselves, reopen their workspaces, and grow their base of clientele.

In order to offer a whole new level of assistance, Salesforce created This platform gives out expert advice to enable companies to reopen business while staying safe. guides businesses in their reopening journey, offering them:

  • Expert advice and trusted data from Salesforce’s Tableau COVID-19 Data Hub to guide fast decision-making
  • Apps to assess employee readiness and guide them during the work reentry process
  • Best practices, advisory services, volunteer and grants apps to help companies reimagine their businesses to the new world lying ahead
  • The option to deliver wellness and learning content in order to enable companies to create a growth culture using the myTrailhead apps

The new digital norm

The new digital norm involves using data to make decisions on the go. Digital marketing has become an important communication channel and also a channel for generating revenue. Salesforce has invested heavily in this area and is poised to become the #1 sales & marketing platform for B2B users.

Salesforce 360, their sales & marketing tool, is a fully-digital platform that covers a wide area of business, all revolving around customer data. All the sources generate information about the customer: AI, voice, blockchain, communities, flow, builder, mobile, privacy & identity, and security.

Salesforce created several platforms for gathering data, segmenting data, and interacting with customers to a whole new level – cross-channel engagement and in-time marketing. These are:

  • Audience and Data Studio
  • Advertising Studio: audience campaign & management
  • Mobile Studio: mobile messaging
  • Email studio: email marketing automation
  • Social studio: social media marketing & customer care
  • Journey studio: cross-channel engagement
  • Interaction studio: in-time marketing

Next steps

If your company wants to fully leverage all the benefits offered by Salesforce, you need a reliable partner that can guide you along the way. Tremend’s team of advanced customer experience professionals can help you maximize your use of Salesforce and stay ahead of the pack.

Over the years, we have helped countless companies to make the most out of what Salesforce has to offer. You can now too leverage Salesforce’s full potential for your team. Whether you need more leads, want to maximize your sales team’s use of the Salesforce platform, want to save time & money, or simply configure this tool for your unique needs, we are eager to help.

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