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At Tremend, we are proud to be offering a wide range of technology services that cater to the growing needs of today’s businesses. From automotive to telecom, networking, or high-performance computing, we are ready to give your business a competitive edge and help bring to life the technology innovations you need.

Starting from the very moment Tremend has been founded, we’ve been focusing our efforts and expertise to help clients and partners to build up their product portfolio, optimize their development processes, reduce time to market, and launch innovative features.

Our advanced engineering services include but are not limited to IoT, networking, and embedded software. In automotive, experienced engineers can easily tackle projects in areas as diverse as ADAS, functional safety, infotainment and telematics, AUTOSAR, Android Auto, or OTA updates. In the semiconductor industry, our customers have accelerated the launch of multiple generations of products, using our chip design and verification teams.

Explore below our main range of technology services and discover some of the projects we’ve been involved in over the years.


Keeping up with the advancements in technology innovation requires telecom operators to dive into complex projects and invest in integrating their existing systems or networks with the increased business requirements. Our digital transformation and customer experience services cater to the specific needs of today’s telecom operators, enabling them to simplify, consolidate and optimize their processes.

At Tremend, we have been offering software development services to major players in the telecommunication industry. Here are some of the areas we’ve worked in:

  • Enterprise integrations
  • Billing and CRM
  • Customer experience
  • Embedded finance
  • DevOps and cloud service
  • Custom solution development
  • Training

We’re a supplier of technical services to all main telecommunication operators in Romania, including Orange and Vodafone. We support them to take advantage of the growth drivers of the telecom industry, like 5G, remote work, and opening up new revenue streams besides traditional calls and data packages.

Telecommunications projects we are proud of:

orange logo

Orange: as part of our collaboration with Orange, we’ve helped improve the company’s portal and included a vast of modern solutions, such as detailed invoices, electronic invoices, time usage, and mobile version

orange app
vodafone logo

Vodafone: we’ve integrated our TORP platform within the MyVodafone application in order to facilitate the onboarding of prepaid customers

vodafone app


As the automotive industry transforms at an unprecedented scale and car makers evolve into software developers, Tremend’s automotive software engineering services enable our partners to boost their transition plans towards connected, autonomous, electric mobility.

We’ve been delivering production-grade software used by Tier 1 suppliers and OEMs across Europe for more than 10 years. Tremend engineers built adaptive, safe, and scalable software used by famous automotive brands in their connected car systems.

Our breadth of expertise encompasses embedded and automotive software, IoT services, cloud services, user experience, systems integrations, and hardware engineering, allowing us to go above and beyond our customers’ needs for full-stack solutions.

Our expertise in automotive services includes:

Automotive Solutions

  • Infotainment: Android · Linux · VxWorks
  • Functional safety · Security
  • ECU firmware
  • Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR.
  • Connectivity
  • User interface – Android, Qt, HTML

System Infrastructure

  • Low-level system infrastructure – Bootloader, Kernel, File system, Boot process optimization
  • Factory flashing and diagnosis
  • System validation and QA automation
  • Software update – USB and OTA
  • Automotive Linux, Android, RTOS, and deeply embedded software
  • AUTOSAR MCAL Drivers


  • User management, power management, application lifecycle
  • Telematics – V2I / V2V communication, OTA software updates


  • Multimedia – iOS, Android, wired (USB, HDMI) and wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) interfaces
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration


  • PKI, kernel, and application hardening
  • Encryption
  • Vulnerability scanning

Functional Safety

  • ISO 26262-compliant software development
  • Integration of modern C++ code developed using Agile processes in automotive projects

Automotive projects we’re proud of:

exia logo

Exia: designing an innovative blind spot accident-avoidance device for large trucks, with the goal of detecting pedestrians and cyclists

exia app
wndrvr logo

Wind River: Multi-year partnership, with Tremend’s highly skilled engineering team becoming involved in Wind River’s own processes, delivering autonomous driving platform code ready for ASIL-D, implementing Apple CarPay software, developing an Android-based operating system, and working on next-generation automotive infotainment platforms

wndrvr app
pace logo

Pace: developed a cloud data lake-based platform for our client’s telematics needs, including automated infrastructure and application deployment

pace app desktop
ktm logo

KTM: Quality engineering and functional safety consultancy, delivering automated CI/CD pipelines including hardware-in-the-loop testing, static and dynamic analysis frameworks

ktm app


The semiconductor sector is experiencing relentless demand with new players entering the industry, an explosion of artificial intelligence, sensors, and communication startups, as well as increased industrial policy support in both Europe and the United States.

At Tremend, we have been working hard to meet that demand, delivering software and hardware engineering services to high-tech companies from Israel, Europe, the UK, and the United States.

We’re enabling top chip makers to stay ahead of the competition and keep pace with the industry’s changes. As part of our semiconductor services, we’re offering the following:

ASIC Verification

  • Accelerated test bench development using automation tools
  • IP verification
  • SOC verification
  • Using best practices in verification coding
  • Test bench development
  • Architecture
  • Performance tests
  • Assertions
  • Power awareness
  • Formal verification

Verification Planning

  • Stimulus generation
  • Feature extraction
  • Checkers
  • Coverage
  • Assertions
  • Error scenarios

Verification Management

  • Test case mapping
  • Coverage closure & tracking
  • SoC and IP level verification expertise
  • Gate level simulation


  • Consumer technology I/O Buses
  • Data transmission
  • Computational offloading
  • AI accelerators

System-Level Verification

  • Simulation and hardware emulation
  • Developing automation tools
  • Creating debug-effort decreasing tools
  • Randomizing user cases
  • Elevating coverage definitions from block level to system level

Functional Safety

  • IP micro architecture
  • Timing & DFT
  • RTL design
  • Synthesis
  • LEC
  • Low power checks

Our skilled team of ASIC verification experts has extensive experience in methodologies like UVM, OVM, VMM, and eRM, and verification languages such as SystemVerilog and eLanguage.

Semiconductor industry projects we’re proud of:

nvidia logo

Nvidia – as part of a long-term partnership, Tremend engineers are bringing core contributions to the design of the latest Nvidia Networking data center switches and DPUs

nvidia app
nxp logo

NXP: Tremend helps this automotive semiconductor leader to maintain, update, port, and evolve the AUTOSAR software stack for one of its best-selling automotive processor product lines

nxp app


In today’s hyper-competitive world, embedded and networking software represents a vital part of any business that needs to turn its product portfolio into a connected product line.

Tremend has been adding end-to-end connectivity solutions to the products of our clients for more than 15 years.

Areas where we can help:

  • Embedded and networking software
  • Expertise in Linux, Android, RTOS
  • Device prototyping
  • Low power wireless connectivity
  • Secure device manufacturing
  • Over-the-air update systems.
  • Intelligent assistants and chatbots.
  • Integrations (CRM, Provisioning, Ticketing)
  • IoT Network Operations
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support

IoT projects we’re proud of:

Two projects that stand out of the crowd in this area are:

braeburn logo

Braeburn: we’ve created an advanced solution that includes CRM integration, geofencing, secure cloud connectivity, provisioning, and numerous other capabilities, allowing this thermostat company to enable device manufacturers and distributors to shift from a “sell and forget” business model to an ongoing customer relationship

braeburn app
rainmachine logo

Rain Machine: a complex project involving connecting the mobile application to the cloud and refreshing the firmware of the company’s connected irrigation devices

rainmachine app

What companies like yours say about us

Viorel Ruse - First Bank
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Viorel Ruse / First Bank
With a comprehensive experience, Tremend successfully delivered a solution that integrates the latest security features and ux trends. All our requirements were timely implemented into a website with personality, that reflects our company’s DNA.
Silvia Dumitrascu - ING Bank
testimonial quotes
Silvia Dumitrascu / ING

Our partnership with Tremend goes back a long way and we’ve had a great collaboration. Tremend engineers have proven their expertise and have always been available, helpful and action-oriented, delivering quality projects fast and in a reliable manner.

Mike Deshowithz - ModSolar
testimonial quotes
Mike Deshowithz / ModSolar

As a business leader, whatever challenge I have from a technology standpoint, I know that Tremend’s team can handle it. They are always ahead of the curve for us, always in tune with the modern technologies and the ones we should be using.

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