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Online Retail in 2022 – An In-Depth Guide

In 2022, the online retail scene is changing at an astounding pace. Driven by technology enhancements, online retail is powered by the need to make it easy for consumers to shop for their favorite products and to streamline their digital experience across multiple channels. As such, online retail can be split into two main categories: omnichannel and multichannel. While omnichannel…
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Uncovering the FABS Act in the United States and Europe

Nowadays, governments and large corporations worldwide are making record-breaking investments in semiconductor engineering and chip manufacturing plants in a desire to decentralize the semiconductor supply chain and make it less prone to shortages that can be caused by geopolitical interruptions, crises, political actors, or market variations.  Since the largest chip manufacturing plant is located in Taiwan, which at the moment…
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8 Things Companies Should Focus on When Leveraging Financial Technology

Any modern company, regardless of the domain of activity, needs to have its own financial department. Finance teams, along with their CFOs and team members, have become indispensable for the success of both large and small corporations. In addition to operating with a high level of integrity, they have a lot of responsibilities and thus require all the help they…
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How Computer Vision is Changing the Automotive Industry

Computer Vision (CV) has become paramount for the automotive industry’s success today. Empowering cars to detect drivable roads and pedestrians is the norm, computer vision works closely with AI (Artificial Intelligence) to enable the automotive sector to expand and create better end features. As the vast majority of automated tasks rely on advanced visualization and require a certain ability of…
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