Extend the reach of your clinic. Match the best therapists with your clients. Wherever they are.


Create the care experience your
patients will love.

Opening a Virtual Healthcare Office can easily help you grow at a nationwide level and beyond. It offers the benefit of being one click away from your patients’ means and provides an upgraded experience to both your customers and your therapists.

But it doesn’t stop here. Telemedicine helps you also effectively manage your virtual team and have full control while increasing your staff’s productivity and delighting your clients.


Why should your clinic expand
virtually with Telemed?

Reduce no-shows

Increase the level of commitment through session reminders, pre-paid appointments, small fees charged for no-shows up, and follow-up messages for missed sessions.

Empower your staff

Provide a better experience for your clinicians, helping them increase their performance, better manage their schedule, working from a safe environment, while also offering them the right tools and technology to do so.

Expand without constraints

Grow your presence regionally and internationally in an easy and affordable way. Embrace new opportunities, access new areas, and bridge cultural, linguistic, and accessibility gaps.

Enhanced patient experience

Meet your clients where they are, make their journey more comfortable, flexible, and convenient, and reach a new level of accessibility to those with difficulty in attending in person.

Regulation compliant

Become fully compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws in telehealth

Boost productivity

Save time and money by automating your flows, tasks, and processes.

Premium Security

Create a secure environment for protecting all sensitive conversations, medical records, assignments, and personal information.

How Telemed works?

Telemed is a solution developed by Tremend that empowers clinics to augment their services to e-therapy, expand their reach and grow while offering patients and therapists an excellent digitally-enabled experience. The platform offers a convenient and flexible way for clients to engage with your clinic, a holistic view of the patient’s journey and advanced tools that helps your staff to better focus on what they do best, and state-of-the-art security and technology features, data privacy implementations and seamless integration with third parties.

Telemed Key Features

  • Complete overview dashboard for you to have full transparency and control in managing your virtual office
  • Advanced tools for therapists, including dossier, list of homework assignments, survey tools, whiteboards, and assignment environment
  • Single dashboard for doctors for streamlined use
  • In-clinic consultations panel for easy operations
  • End-to-End encrypted video and chat functionalities for remote consultations with recording
  • Premium data privacy control and security for appointment scheduling and video calls
  • Traceability and reports for all activities
  • Integration support with 3rd party systems
  • Advanced appointment system with real-time confirmation and payment integration
  • The ability to create customized flows for main roles (administrator, doctor, patient)
  • Rapid integrations with your current IT systems
  • Seamless process transition between mobile and web
  • Facial recognition engine, churn rate predictor, customizable products, audit trail on all changes, wallet, patient review, notifications
  • Payment integration for reservations with any major payment provider
  • GDPR, KYC, AML, eIDAS compliant

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