Customer Experience Services

Your partner for enabling a seamless Customer Experience (CX) strategy

Customer Experience Services

Take your CX strategy to the next level

Take your CX strategy to the next level

CX innovation

At Tremend we are keen on providing a vast range of CX services to enable your company to improve lead generation, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase up-selling and cross-selling.

Go from leads to brand ambassadors

We realize that happy customers mean more revenue for your company. To help you achieve your goals, we’ll enable you to leverage our wide range of customer experience services and capitalize on our Salesforce experience.

Certified Salesforce Partner

Customer experience represents the sum of interactions between your brand and the prospects & clients you have, on any channel. This entire sum of interactions is usually enabled through a single 360-degree CX platform, also known as a CRM application. At Tremend, we are using the CX platform considered to be the world’s best customer relationship management tool, Salesforce.

Our range of high-end CX Services

Our range of high-end CX Services


in using Salesforce: we offer complete training services to enable you and your team to make the most out of Salesforce’s CX Platform Applications.


of the Salesforce app with other systems (ERP integrations, other systems, real-time data availability)


of all data sources: e-commerce platform, loyalty card platform, mobile app Salesforce CX Platform Implementation (Sales, Service, Marketing, and more)

Salesforce Development

API development and implementation of source data from different sources, for real-time data availability

Digital onboarding (TORP)

advanced onboarding and origination platform, perfect for the banking, financial services, and telecom industries, including HR departments from any large company

Form builder & online survey solutions

creating automated web form builders and integrating them with your other applications


in apps and CX strategies

Testing and automation

Tremend provides a defined quality assurance process according to its time-tested methodology

and Implementation

How do we work?
Salesforce CX Project
Implementation Timeline

Since we are a strong adept at the Agile implementation method, we are using the Agile principles all across our work. Each project will be implemented in sprints, according to a defined timeline.

Phase I: Discovery and analysis During this phase, we will analyze your business needs and become acquainted with all the complexities of your project. Given our experience on numerous projects, based on business needs uncovered, we are able to advise our clients on the best solutions, tools, and technologies that can be used to address current and future business needs.

Phase II: Implementation During this second phase, we will integrate your business within the Salesforce Customer Experience Platform. Either Marketing, Sales, or Service cloud, these applications will enable you to attract more leads, accelerate their journey with your brand to transform them into customers and ultimately keep that relationship alive, so that leads will become your brand ambassadors.

Phase III: Maximizing User Adoption This is one of the most complex phases of the process because the success of the implementation, apart from the technicalities, relies on handover sessions, training workshops, and ensuring user adoption. We are a strong believer in the full use of the Salesforce platform and make great efforts to ensure that companies leverage its full capabilities of it to interact with customers like never before and provide an amazing customer experience.

Why Tremend?

Why Tremend?


is a Certified Salesforce Partner, with vast experience in Salesforce implementation and integration projects. Our experts can quickly accommodate any type of business need by providing custom-tailored software development and consulting services. We believe Salesforce is the best choice for modern savvy clients due to their omnichannel capabilities, a complete 360-degree view, and also due to future-proofing their business.

With over 16 years

of software development experience, Tremend is a trusted partner in your digital transformation strategy. Thanks to our vast experience as an advanced digital engineering & customer-centric company, we are ready to empower our clients using our CX consulting services.

We are ready

to complete even the most challenging Salesforce task and we rely on our experienced and creative developers who can offer superior Salesforce integration, development, management, and consultancy services.

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