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Here’s How Blockchain Will Transform the Public Sector in the (Near) Future

Blockchain is a modern technology that involves using secure and transparent data while reducing redundancy, enabling trust between the parties involved in the data exchange, and eliminating central points of failure that could put that data in jeopardy. This allows for easier data querying, enablement of near-instant processes (i.e. smart contracts), and reducing or eliminating altogether the need for a…
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UX Trends and Best Practices for Seamless eWallet Applications

When it comes to User Experience (UX) trends in eWallets, I think companies should put an emphasis on UX writing, gamification, and contactless functions, especially as eWallets have become a key tool for numerous people and companies globally. The fact that eWallets are so simple to use and user-friendly has turned them into a top favorite for billions of users…
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CI/CD for Modern Applications Using AWS

Today, most modern applications require developing bespoke code using a wide variety of platforms and tools. This means that the teams involved in the app-building process need to use a consistent mechanism to integrate and validate changes. This is where CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Delivery) come in, providing an automated way to create, package, integrate, test, and deploy…
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Best resources to learn and stay up to speed with .NET technologies

Technologies nowadays are evolving at an incredibly fast pace and we, as developers, have to do our best to keep up with the newest trends, features, and languages. This is because generally, the technology updates bring additional efficiency, ease of use, and the overall ability to create better products with less effort. Apart from that, programming proves to be a…
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How to get started in the semiconductor industry with Tremend’s team

I remember as if it were yesterday, the moment when I had to choose my first job. I was terrified thinking about what the corporate world would bring: Stress? Fearsome bosses? Lack of satisfaction and monotony? Pressure to work overtime? An annoying and/or unfriendly team? Well, none of the above, it seems. Courtesy of Tremend, my first and only job…
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Here’s how you can easily pass your ISTQB Certification

Today, getting the ISTQB certificate (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is undoubtedly one of the best ways to present yourself as a specialist with up-to-date knowledge in the QA processes. This powerful certification not only increases your resume’s value and lets you land better job opportunities, but it also tells your unique story and shows that you are a true…
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