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“The future of customer experience” – Showing the way forward

Tremend’s successful partnership with Salesforce recently brought together the Romanian Salesforce business community, at the Impact Hub in Bucharest, for a comprehensive presentation on the Future of Customer Experience. Over 50 professionals from all areas of business, from Financial Services, High Tech, FMCG, Agriculture, Utilities, Automotive, Cyber Security, and Retail took part in the event. It was an informal gathering, lively…
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How I Tricked Myself into Studying for a Ph.D. in Project Management

These days the level of knowledge that you possess is not directly linked with the schools that you graduated. We have high school dropouts who became millionaires, people who dropped out of universities like Harvard to open their own businesses and follow their dreams. Of course, not all of them succeeded.  It’s true that former students find other economic opportunities,…
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PSD2 – Securely Step into the Open-Bank Universe

It’s been over a year since PSD2, or European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2, was first released to the open public. This directive, considered by many voices in the banking industry to be the most significant regulation in Europe to affect the banking sector in the last few decades, continues to stir up controversies. However, in practice, its impact has…
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AI Ethics, Machine Law and Robophobia

Ever since the word “robot” was invented in 1920 by the Czech SF author Karel Capek, Artificial Intelligence has been associated with numerous dystopian fantasies where machines take over the world in order to destroy mankind. Today’s media is full of such references. For instance, in the Matrix, Terminator, and Black Mirror, robots are perceived as evil machines craving to take…
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Key takeaways and cybersecurity stories from DefCamp ‘19

This year’s DefCamp brought together more than 60 speakers and around 2,000 participants for over two days of everything security. With three speaker tracks, a Capture the Flag competition, and multiple interactive stands that let people hack anything from basic social engineering to car steering systems, the event was a great opportunity to take a deep dive into the latest trends and…
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Collaborative knowledge building

In modern organizations, stakeholders frequently switch roles between trainers and trainees. They contribute to eLearning content as much as they benefit from it. Staff needs to learn and adapt fast. They cannot afford to take the long time-offs required for traditional training; instead, they need to find exactly the right piece of content needed on the spot. In operations management terms,…
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Welcome to TALE: Tremend’s Agile Learning Environment

The new vision Tremend proposes is built on our inherent, intrinsic Agile philosophy, used to create tangible value in measurable increments with advanced technology and engineering solutions. The skills required by modern organizations to remain competitive change faster and faster. The internal learning curve is always shorter: content is created and becomes obsolete in short cycles, sometimes in just a few months….
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How to Deploy your Infrastructure in Under 30 Minutes

Deploying and configuring your infrastructure takes time. Installing and configuring the services you need takes time. Deploying your applications takes time. Setting up monitoring and logging it all takes a while as well. But it doesn’t have to. In this article, we’re going to tell you how we got a production-ready environment from 0 to everything working before the coffee…
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