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My summer internship at Tremend as a web developer

Can a job be fun and offer a learning opportunity at the same time? My experience at Tremend proved to me that this was possible. I first heard about Tremend at the job fair organized by the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science. I was drawn in by the many diverse departments they had and the flexibility they offered in…
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Functional Verification – lifting the veil

Introduction Over the course of 18 years in the Functional Verification field, I’ve been asked many times what it is that we actually do. Are our desks draped in wires, cables, and measurement devices? Are we testers? What exactly are we testing? What is verification? In a world dominated by software and applications, comparatively little attention is given to the…
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Breaking down an RPA workflow with UiPath

It’s estimated that the number of global companies employing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions will rise from 53% to 72% in the next two years — and within five years, RPA will achieve near-universal adoption. So, in a market currently saturated with AI hype, it would probably be helpful to understand what RPA is, what it isn’t, and where it fits into the apparently…
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br.A.I.n Hack 2018: Everyone’s a winner. Here’s what we’ve learned

Last year’s hackathon focused on smart city solutions and many of those projects. In light of that event, it came naturally to us to move forward with other innovative projects leveraging Artificial Intelligence as the main technology this time around. Our partners from Orange joined us for the second year in a row and together the participants developed some progressive apps with…
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Takeaways from Ethereum’s DevCon IV Talks

Ethereum DevCon4 ended recently, after 4 full and intense days, with tens of talks, workshops, and satellite events, gathering more than 5.000 attendees. Here are a few of my takeaways from the event. Day zero The first talk I attended was Refundable ICOs by Fabian Vogelsteller. RICOs are trying to shift the power from the fundraiser to the investor by using two different…
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The challenge of deploying updates to IoT infrastructure projects

In the previous two articles in this series about IoT infrastructure development, we examined the challenges of choosing and securing a framework. In this entry, we’ll take a look at some of the considerations around rolling out updates to the established network. Obstacles to transition The complexity of an IoT network presents a number of challenges to rolling out updates. Software is distributed over…
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Running an IoT platform in production with Kubernetes

The Internet of Things has been a focus of ours over the past few years and an area we’ve developed a lot of expertise in. Our current offering consists of a fully-fledged end-to-end IoT platform that empowers both device makers and users via numerous capabilities. On one hand, product makers need user and device management, device metrics, and product analytics….
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