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Choosing a framework for IoT infrastructure

One of the most rewarding aspects of developing innovative IoT systems at scale is the opportunity to define the process and make sense of a rapidly changing marketplace where no single methodology, platform or approach dominates yet. But the volatility of the IoT landscape also means extra work in defining the road ahead for client projects. As new protocols and…
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Step behind the scenes of #LifeAtTremend (part I)

We write code — and we’re really good at it. But there’s so much more than meets the eye behind the scenes. We are a team of professional, creative, and analytical minds, who just happen to wear many other hats at work. We believe that change is the only constant and as a matter of fact whenever new technologies emerge,…
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The power of word embeddings

Natural language processing is a messy and complicated affair but modern advanced techniques are offering increasingly impressive results. Word embeddings are a modern machine learning technique that has taken the natural language processing world by storm.

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