How I Tricked Myself into Studying for a Ph.D. in Project Management

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How I Tricked Myself into Studying for a Ph.D. in Project Management

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These days the level of knowledge that you possess is not directly linked with the schools that you graduated. We have high school dropouts who became millionaires, people who dropped out of universities like Harvard to open their own businesses and follow their dreams. Of course, not all of them succeeded.  It’s true that former students find other economic opportunities, but for many, the consequences for dropping out can be detrimental and far-reaching. At Tremend, the colleagues who are active students are encouraged and supported to finish their studies by promoting the lifelong learning mindset in the organization.

I decided to make lifelong learning one of my life’s goals, to pursue knowledge for personal and professional reasons, to bring more value in whichever context I would find myself. Of course, it’s easy to get distracted when everything is designed in such a way to grab our attention. It’s difficult to keep your focus when everyone is trying to get a minute of your limited time. I consider that everything I learn is a tool in my personal toolbox and the more I learn, the better equipped I am to manage every situation in which I will eventually find myself. Whenever I wonder if I should invest my time in something else, I ask myself the following question: Will I be thanking my future self for making this decision? 

I want to learn something new every day, to absorb knowledge from every possible source. My goal is to have a daily production deployment with an improved version of myself.

I always have these questions in my mind: How can I be better than yesterday? What can I do to ensure that tomorrow I will be better than today?  

As I am passionate about what I do and I have a constant desire to be better, the decision to start a Ph.D. came as a natural one. It helped me increase my knowledge in Project Management and based on my current experience, I consider it a good investment. Being in contact with other people who have the same interests, discussing experiences encountered in different domains, and applying some of the new practices at Tremend made me not regret this decision. 

 It’s not easy to take on studying for a Ph.D. as a challenge, due to the extended period of time required to invest in order to finalize the program. It’s getting harder and harder to dedicate our reduced amount of free time to activities that don’t have a quick return on investment. When I challenged myself by making this decision, I had 2 things in mind: my future self and lifelong learning, with the following mindset set to active: once started, I will find the time to finish it.

By reading this article, I hope that you’ll understand why I’ve started a Ph.D. program in Project Management. To put it simply: to become better at what I do. I always try to imagine myself 10 years in the future: how will I look, where will I be, what will I accomplish and I consider myself being in a continuous competition with this person. Are you chasing your future self?

It was proved that people around you can influence your development and your state of mind. What I can say is that since I joined Tremend, I am more motivated and driven to be better at what I do. If you want to feel challenged, to work with ambitious people, to learn how you can be a better version of yourself, Tremend is the right place to be in. 

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