“The future of customer experience” – Showing the way forward

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“The future of customer experience” – Showing the way forward

Engineering Insights

Tremend’s successful partnership with Salesforce recently brought together the Romanian Salesforce business community, at the Impact Hub in Bucharest, for a comprehensive presentation on the Future of Customer Experience.

Over 50 professionals from all areas of business, from Financial Services, High Tech, FMCG, Agriculture, Utilities, Automotive, Cyber Security, and Retail took part in the event. It was an informal gathering, lively and equally relevant for the professionals already using the Salesforce platform and the ones looking for a customer relationship management system to bring innovation and growth to their business.

Interestingly enough, some of the participants using Salesforce implemented by Tremend, and already in a B2B partnership, got to know each other face to face and exchanged business insights relevant to their collaboration at this event.

The data presented by speakers coming from Dublin grabbed the audience’s attention on how the Customer Experience revolution, brought by technology, moves businesses forward. The speakers on behalf of Bitdefender, the Romanian global cybersecurity leader, and long-time Salesforce user, captivated the public with their success story by which the company doubled its sales in the first year of Salesforce implementation, bearing witness to the importance of a CRM system. The audience didn’t hesitate to ask tons of questions to the Bitdefender professionals on how customer experience impacted their business model.

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Let’s take a closer look at this change unfolding in front of us all.

A brave new world

We live in a time where customers’ expectations have changed. The era of sales reps aggressively pushing for a sale is gone; customers now expect professional help. But how can salespeople become experts at understanding the client and answering one’s pain points when a lot of time is spent on dull, repetitive work? Deloitte researches show that 68% of sales teams’ time is not actually spent selling, while 79% of the marketing leads are not pursued at all.  We entered a new technological era, but the tech obviously is not enough. It is just the foundation you can use to build a successful customer-centric strategy.

The answer is to reconcile business requirements and customer expectations through the new technologies and this is what Salesforce, the leading CRM cloud-based platform, does and it does it at an unparalleled level.

Salesforce’s answer to companies’ trial and tribulations was the Salesforce Customer 360 platform, the only platform that delivers Insight Selling by offering a single view of the customers, and recording all the engagements across all points of interaction (sales, service, marketing). It does this with the Customer 360 Truth and then Einstein, an Artificial Intelligence technologythat integrates all the data into actionable insights and industry trends. Sales, service, and marketing employees can collaborate and better predict and deliver the personalized experiences their customers expect.

Exploring Salesforce features

Salesforce cloud-based CRM solution has distinct advantages, from the ease of implementation to scalability and mobility, with the final goal of managing your business more easily, and creating a growth-oriented and strategically client-centric path.

One of the platform’s key features is that it’s highly customizable, regardless of whether the company is big or small. Tremend, for instance, implemented Salesforce for Carrefour, one of the largest retailers in the world, laying the foundation for providing a unique customer experience approach by streamlining the processes in the Customer Service Department and aligning customer data for Marketing automation and innovation. But Tremend’s partnership with Salesforce also brought the CRM cloud-based solution to a recruiting start-up whose needs were obviously very different from Carrefour’s.

To put it bluntly, you’re going nowhere these days without a CRM platform and numbers speak for themselves, only the jobs created from the use of Salesforce cloud services worldwide, from 2019 through 2024, are predicted to hit 4.2 million, an IDC’s report from 2019 shows. Moneywise, the same report concludes that business revenue from the use of Salesforce cloud services in the next 5 years will add up to nearly $1.2 trillion.