Step behind the scenes of #LifeAtTremend (part I)

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Step behind the scenes of #LifeAtTremend (part I)

Life at Tremend

We write code — and we’re really good at it. But there’s so much more than meets the eye behind the scenes. We are a team of professional, creative, and analytical minds, who just happen to wear many other hats at work. We believe that change is the only constant and as a matter of fact whenever new technologies emerge, we are the first ones to jump on the innovation bandwagon. As one of the fastest-growing EU-based software companies, Tremend is all about sustainable growth, which ensues from our hand-picked developers and every dedicated team member.

Whether you want to join us, learn more about us, or simply have a sneak peek at how we roll, we invite you to discover what makes us Tremend. Life with us is not all about lines of bug-free code, juggling dozens of high-performance projects on three continents, Agile Methodology, or constantly staying ahead of the curve. We also enjoy life out of the Matrix! Care to find out how we follow through?

Innovation runs in our DNA

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We power up advanced software solutions on the international market using Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Embedded Software, and Autonomous Driving applications. We have our own experimental playground, called Tremend Labs, which is becoming a solid method to drive innovation. Whether we use Artificial Intelligence to program our mockup fire trucks to autonomously avoid potholes or design cutting-edge infotainment systems, we are always on the lookout for the next big thing… or Big Data.

We get inspired by our colleagues

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We really enjoy each other’s company — our get-togethers frequently include interactive games and we do play the latest FIFA. As a close-knit team, we enjoy fun and challenging competitions, be it in the form of an intense foosball session or a laid-back video game. We even have a foosball championship. If that’s not enough, or if video games are not your cup of tea, how about engaging in one of our board games for a dose of mental stimulation?

We have state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology

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Tremend knows how important an updated infrastructure is to high-performance developers! We use next-gen technologies and we constantly renew our equipment to provide our developers and team members with state-of-the-art hardware. We believe that investing wisely in non-human resources is as paramount as carefully selecting the talent which operates them. As such, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients benefit from the latest technology and our in-house developers can maximize their performance.

We care about tomorrow

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We really do! We constantly notice the raw talent in today’s young generation and we actively engage in activities with children eager to navigate the world of coding. That’s because we genuinely believe this hard skill should be part of everyday educational material. Drop us a line if you would like to come up with suggestions or initiatives for teaching children how to code and we’ll go out of our way to support you as much as we possibly can.

Stay tuned for the second part of our behind-the-scenes series.