Step behind the scenes of #LifeAtTremend (part II)

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Step behind the scenes of #LifeAtTremend (part II)

Life at Tremend

You’ve already read a little bit about what really makes us tick and click as a team, in the first part of the article. As we’ve promised, here comes the second part of our behind-the-scenes series!

We empower top-tier clients in Europe, North America, and Asia 

Advanced Software Engineering Made Simple

With a team of highly trained software engineers, we cover a full spectrum of industries ranging from eCommerce and Automotive to Banking and Finance. That’s because our end-to-end software solutions do not come down only to coding and exceptional client support — they are also designed to empower global clients to achieve their goals and scale up. We are ambitious and highly motivated about what we do and our secret is that we keep attracting talent showcasing the exact same values. 

We can really Hack the City 

Hackathon team

Remember we mentioned we wore many hats? One of them is event organizers — and we’re terrific event throwers. We call our prodigy CityHack. By joining forces with Orange and Actility, we created a 24-hour smart city hackathon meant to bring forth revolutionary IoT technologies on how to live in a smart city. Our recent winner in 2017 showcased an innovative IoT waste management application that encouraged recycling through gamification. Click here to find out more! 

We jam together and throw legendary parties

Teambuilding Tremend

Name every single team-building activity under the sun and it’s most likely we’ve already done it. We religiously throw parties, revel in fun-infused karaoke nights, laugh out loud at stand-up comedy shows, enjoy a timeless open-air film screening or just go with the flow in a trendy pub. What we are really proud of is our Music Room from where our in-house rock band, Tremend Band, is giving Metallica a run for its money and practicing for Tremend’s next epic blast. Care to jam with us a song or two? 

We stay active and keep fit 

Tremend fun

When we’re not busy doing all those activities, we enjoy a plethora of sports. Swapping hackathon solutions for marathon records or switching from foosball to football, we’ve made a mission out of keeping fit — and time really flies by when we’re having fun. We truly go the extra mile in having a great time — literally — since we constantly run the marathon both in the spring and in the fall. Staying active and in good health to us is a prerequisite for a balanced life and we never shy away from an outdoorsy challenge.  

We keep learning and growing together

Tremend Active Learning

A genius is made, not born! Through our regular tech talks held by in-house and guest specialists, online and offline learning materials, courses developed internally by our knowledgeable engineers, and accredited certifications, all our team members can maximize their potential. We also support the educational needs of our colleagues who wish to take their studies further to a Bachelor’s or even Master’s degree. On top of these career-building solutions, we periodically organize conferences and training so we can always keep up with all the mainstream trends in the tech world.  

This is us — Probably, if not definitely, the friendliest team in the world! If you feel like you share the same tremendous values, why not be part of our team? Let’s get to know each other so we can start working together on the projects of tomorrow.