Join the 2021 EPALE Community Conference dedicated to reshaping society through education

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Tremend and Lai-momo are organizing the annual Community Conference of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE), an event dedicated to driving sustainable social change through the power of education. The conference will be live-streamed on the EPALE website and will gather participants all across Europe who are actively engaged in creating growth and opportunities for the adult learning sector and promoting inclusive and open education practice.

The event will take place between September 12-19, featuring plenary sessions focused on the key priorities in Adult Education, a series of workshops for incubating innovative ideas for building opportunities for adult learners, panel discussions, and an engaging mix of keynote speakers.

Explore the full program of the EPALE Community Conference:

  • October 12 – plenary session on Disrupting inequalities: inclusive and creative adult learning panel, reflecting on the most innovative practices in adult learning;
  • October 13 – plenary session on Participation, Education and Digital Access Panel: analyzing the strategies and activities fostering active aging;
  • October 18-19 – four participatory workshops to be attended upon registration, opened only to EPALE users;
  • October 12-19 – eight national panels allow participants to deepen and discuss national priorities and practices. These sessions have different access levels, some being open to the general public; and some requiring registration.

The keynote speeches and general plenary session discussions on each day will be public events available to view via the EPALE platform. No registration is needed for these events. You can access the detailed agenda of the event here.

Overview of the EPALE Community Conference

The conference targets professionals directly or indirectly engaged in adult education, sharing and spreading their knowledge and experience, and networking with their colleagues, associates, and peers, within the EU region. Their audience groups vary from teachers and trainers to researchers, decision-makers, career practitioners, and other adult education professionals.

Last year’s edition of the EPALE Community Conference was dedicated to creating new opportunities for the adult learning sector despite the uncertain years ahead. Also organized in partnership with Tremend, the event’s main topics included the use of modern technology in education, Artificial Intelligence, and gamification. The ideas generated during the conference enabled members to enrich the EPALE platform with inspiring and insightful resources.

In terms of numbers, the conference in 2020 brought together more than 3,800 unique viewers from 35 European countries, which translates to roughly 1,250 adult learning practitioners on average per day. The participation peaked with more than 1700 people watching on the first day, while 123 users joined the workshops and 150 to the national panels.

Tremend started its collaboration with EPALE in 2019 as the Technical Partner and the Consortium Leader for building a multilingual ePlaform for Adult Learning in Europe. Using its technical expertise, the software company is helping EPALE infuse an Agile approach and innovative technologies to create adult training opportunities that support collaborative learning, knowledge creation, and a flexible learning style that drives organizational innovation and growth.

EPALE’s multilingual platform empowers users to improve their knowledge using available resources while actively contributing to the community by presenting their expertise in the field. In addition, it enables organizations to present their work and become part of an organization’s database, allowing them to be recognized by other institutions that can invite them to cooperate on projects.

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