Tremend breaks records with one of the world’s largest Moodle platforms

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Tremend Software Consulting, a company of Publicis Sapient and a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, proudly unveils that one of its educational platforms has reached remarkable milestones, securing its position as one of the few largest Moodle platforms worldwide and ranking in the top 0.04% globally, by platform size.

The goal of the project was to help European institutions share their knowledge and spread high-quality educational resources and expertise across all EU countries. In the face of numerous parallel initiatives, the need for a unified Learning Management System (LMS) became clear. This led to the creation of an educational tool built on the robust and secure open-source learning management system Moodle, designed to serve as a comprehensive resource available to all European institutions.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including courses and user management, a variety of assessment methods, communication and collaboration tools, and detailed reporting and analytics. It is highly customizable and scalable, capable of supporting a large number of users and courses. It also boasts strong security features and benefits from a large, active community of developers and users due to its open-source nature. This makes it an ideal solution for institutions looking to deliver online training programs, manage the learning process, and track learner progress and performance.

The platform’s development and scaling were a true testament to the software engineering team’s innovation, dedication, and hard work. Tremend’s team worked with all stakeholders to appropriately adapt the business requirements, LMS architecture, and DevOps setup to create a highly reliable infrastructure and enable the end-to-end service management of the platform. The astounding growth in user engagement, from 22,000 last year to over 450,000 active users, demonstrates both the platform’s scalability and indispensability in the e-Learning landscape.

Today, the team celebrates the platform’s unparalleled success, also highlighted by a prestigious award won this year for Knowledge Management. This recognition further solidifies the platform’s performance and its pivotal role in promoting knowledge exchange and cooperation across the European Union.

Horea Pogacean, one of Tremend’s Delivery Managers who was actively involved in the development process, declared that “Since its inception, the project’s mission has been to create a robust, multilingual e-Learning platform, empowering EU institutions to collaborate and effectively disseminate valuable educational content. The project’s resounding success is evidenced by the massive number of users and stakeholders it now serves, confirming its primary goal. Furthermore, this remarkable achievement is proof of the extraordinary efforts of our tremendous team, who have worked tirelessly to build and enhance the platform’s capabilities!”

A comprehensive overview of the platform’s development

The platform’s success and efficiency are attributed to its key features, including its core infrastructure setup and back-end and front-end development. The whole infrastructure of the platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), leveraging cutting-edge capabilities. Aurora ensures enhanced performance and seamless database management; meticulous back-end development using PHP tailors Moodle to meet specific project requirements, integrating customizations and unique functionalities.

Tremend’s team crafted an intuitive user interface and immersive user experience through advanced front-end development focused on content structuring, enriched user interactions, and smooth client-side event handling, delivering an engaging and user-friendly experience for all platform users. By integrating Elasticsearch, a powerful search engine, the platform significantly improves search functionality, enabling dynamic dashboards with invaluable insights and simplified progress tracking. The software engineering team ensures platform stability and reliability through ongoing developments in automated testing using Behat, aiming to cover diverse use cases and functionalities for seamless performance and user satisfaction. With APIs enabling seamless connectivity to external services, the platform fosters collaboration and open access to Moodle data.

Next steps and future outlook

This educational platform offers EU institutions access to a modern and engaging learning environment, facilitating the exchange of initiatives and programs on various topics. From themes of paramount importance, such as children and youth, food safety, and security, to promoting gender equality and inclusion, the platform empowers stakeholders to drive positive change across the European landscape.

As the platform continues to thrive, it is fully embraced by EU institutions and agencies, establishing itself as a cornerstone in shaping the future of education and fostering innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges.

The software engineering team of Tremend expresses profound appreciation for their pivotal role as the primary technical provider for this Moodle platform, having been involved throughout its journey from inception to production to seamless predictive maintenance, making their contribution truly invaluable.

With a significant portfolio of contracts in execution for EU institutions, Tremend has already established itself as a top European supplier and will continue focusing on providing outstanding IT services and technology consulting, contributing to the sustainable growth of European society and the European construct.

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