Tremend celebrates its 15th anniversary, estimating 20 million Euros turnover by the end of this year

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Tremend, the Romanian company featured for the fourth time in a row in the FT 1000 ranking, celebrates its 15th anniversary and continues the upward trend, estimating a 20 million Euros turnover by the end of the year, an increase of 32% compared to 2019.

With clients in 20 countries on four continents and over 700 large-scale projects launched in sectors such as telecom, finance, automotive, and retail, Tremend has consolidated its position among the top technology players in the region. The company’s long-term customer relationships and partnerships, established with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Mastercard had an important contribution in this regard. At the same time, investments in the company’s R&D, as well as its focus on developing innovative solutions, had a positive impact on the business. To this extent, Tremend plans to support this strategic direction in the future, especially in areas such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Customer Experience.

This year, Tremend released a wide range of competitive platforms for Digital Transformation-oriented sectors. TORP is the digital onboarding and origination solution with applicability in various industries, from financial and telecom to education and health. ObservED is an innovative proctoring tool, based on biometrics data, that helps schools, universities, and assessment companies worldwide to reinforce academic integrity during remote online examinations.

At the same time, Tremend’s team of software engineers is involved in the HumanoID research project for developing a smart solution for identity verification and document authenticity validation. Another research project Tremend is currently involved in, in partnership with University Politehnica Bucharest and the University of Bucharest, is Graphomaly, for building an AI-based solution for risk/anomaly detection in financial transactions.

“Together with our team of more than 400 colleagues, we built systems based on enhanced procedures that bring benefits to our customers, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Our R&D investments, the establishment of our new Innovation Department, are meant to help our partners find the most effective solutions and easily overcome the challenges caused by today’s context”, states Marius Hanganu, Managing Partner, Tremend.

To capitalize on business opportunities, the software company added new clients to its portfolio last year, such as Credex, Altex, Libra Bank, First Bank, BRD, European Environment Agency, and more.

Tremend has also become a European Commission technological partner, being selected for several educational projects, and is the consortium leader for EPALE, the electronic platform for adult education in Europe. The company is also the technology partner in developing the eTwinning platform, a modern tool whose aim is to encourage European schools to collaborate using Information and Communication Technologies by providing the necessary infrastructure (online tools, services, and support). Tremend also took over the development of the School Education Gateway platform, the European Commission’s online school education solution.

By quickly adapting to the new context, the software development engineers are working remotely not only from the Romania-based headquarters in Bucharest and Brașov, but also from Cluj, Craiova, Iași, Suceava, the USA, Belgium, and the UK.

“With Tremend celebrating its 15th anniversary this month, we would like to thank our colleagues and clients who accompany us on this challenging journey. During the years, we have strengthened our image as a trusted and reliable technology partner, for both our local and international clients, and we have continued experimenting with emerging technologies, infusing innovation in the solutions we deliver. Our plans for the future involve supporting companies in their Digital Transformation strategy and processes, and further developing our portfolio of products”, mentions Ioan Cocan, Managing Partner, Tremend.

In the forthcoming span, Tremend will focus on expanding its business internationally in the USA, UK, and Germany, going beyond being a technology player, but a consultant with industry expertise. The company will focus on areas such as Financial Services, Public Services, Retail & Consumer, Telecom, Chip Design Verification, and Semiconductors, and will develop solutions and products that are based on the customer’s needs and employ cutting-edge technologies.

The company will also focus its efforts on growing in areas such as Customer Experience (CX), Cloud, and AI, on solutions that use Magento and Salesforce, and also on developing frameworks for reusable applications, using Agile methodologies.

Tremend was awarded a ranking in the cascade for the three lots of the DIGIT-TM II Framework Contract

Tremend was awarded a ranking in the cascade for the three lots of the DIGIT-TM II Framework Contract

The Imagin’IT consortium, of which Tremend Benelux SA is a member, was awarded a ranking in the cascade for all 3 lots of the DIGIT-TM II FWC, a program released by the European Commission under the guidance of the Directorate-General for Informatics.  The DIGIT-TM II FWC is the successor of DIGIT-TM, a 1.8 billion Euro contract from the European Commission…

Join the 2021 EPALE Community Conference dedicated to reshaping society through education

Join the 2021 EPALE Community Conference dedicated to reshaping society through education

Tremend and Lai-momo are organizing the annual Community Conference of the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (EPALE), an event dedicated to driving sustainable social change through the power of education. The conference will be live-streamed on the EPALE website and will gather participants all across Europe who are actively engaged in creating growth and opportunities for the adult learning sector…

TORP – creating a better digital experience for customer enrollment

TORP – creating a better digital experience for customer enrollment

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