Using the Learn It Live Learning Center, any organization, brand, or expert can easily launch their own online learning platforms with classes customized for their audiences.

LearnItLive Case Study
Project Category
Web platform

Executive summary 

At Tremend, we believe in the power of online education to spread knowledge. Thus, we have participated in the creation & maintenance of a turnkey platform that allows any organization to easily leverage the power of online learning. Using the Learn It Live Learning Center, any organization, brand, or expert can easily launch their own online learning platforms with classes customized for their audiences. Whether the classes are taught by the company’s staff or by the experts from the Learn It Live network, the participants can get real-time, personal instruction from specialized trainers.

The client 

Learn It Live powers online education for organizations around the world. This social learning platform offers interactive sessions, expert-led programs, and an extensive catalog of classes. The videos cater to both organizations and individuals who want to increase their skills and boost their knowledge. On the platform, there are over 1100 classes and 670 experts eager to share their knowledge.

LearnItLive Case Study

Business Challenge 

Learn it Live needed a team of professionals to maintain and improve the current platform with its infrastructure and streamline the operations on the site.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend maintained the web platform for Learn It Live’s online learning site. The application is aimed at connecting teachers and students by offering an online platform where students can find the right courses for them and connect with teachers. Instructors can create their own accounts and offer several classes, both paid and free. Conversely, students or corporate groups can sign in for classes and can either view each session live by logging in at the date and time specified by the instructor or view a recording if it is made available by an instructor.







Apart from the possibility of adding classes, recordings, and the possibility of great communication, the application allows a company to acquire what is called a program or white label site. By doing this, they can have a subdomain, such as Allina Health, which can contain its own branding and design elements. This is referred to as a program template.
Learnitlive has over 10.000 classes and 4.000 instructors already available for multiple companies. Additionally, they have an SSO set up for some of their programs while their partners have a page available with classes. The users can seamlessly log in on the partners’ page and access their own features and perks.

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