Tremend Software Consulting undertakes the development of the bike-sharing app Ape Rider by Pegas

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Pegas’ bike-sharing service has the potential to reach 100,000 users by the end of this year, solving a major urban mobility problem. Ape Rider targets both commuters and those who want to get quickly from one area of the capital to another, avoiding congested traffic.

“Ape Rider relies greatly on this mobile application, so it is extremely important for it to be stable and scalable. The technical specs were improved and also the ease of use. Now the app will be more customer oriented too, a pillar of our team’s philosophy. Our partnership came naturally, we represent two 100% Romanian brands and I think we can provide an excellent user experience with the next releases of this application”, said Ioan Cocan, Managing Partner at Tremend Software Consulting.

The 2,000 bikes available through Ape Rider are monitored via GPS and sport cutting-edge motion sensors. The dockless system offers the flexibility that customers need to move quickly and park their bikes in one of the designated areas. The Ape Rider app gives you a map with available bicycles and virtual parks, so it’s very easy to find an Ape Rider bike.

With the Ape Rider mobile app, users can book and use a bicycle, at a cost of 1.9 lei per half hour, regardless of the number of km they cover. Payment is made directly into the app. Since the launch of the app and up until the present, users have done a total of 140.000 bicycle rides.

“We set out to offer a different urban mobility alternative through intuitive, effortless use, and working with Tremend is yet another step in this direction. Tremend is a partner that has understood fast what we really needed and has shown full availability to engage in the development of the application so that we can offer our Ape Rider customers the promised experience”, said Andrei Botescu, co-founder of Pegas Workshops, the Ape Rider program.

The following versions of the application will focus on the improvement of the payment method for the rides, the bikes’ pinpoint location on the map, and the ease of the system’s maintenance by providing high-performance tools and reports on system monitoring and its use.

About Atelierele Pegas:

Sixty years after the re-launch of the world’s most famous bicycles from the 1970s and 1980s, Atelierele Pegas brought 30 brand new models on the market specially designed for the whole family. To date, more than 30,000 bikes from the new Pegas collections have served customers both in the country and in Europe.

About Tremend:

With more than 12 years of experience in software development and consultancy, Tremend proved its engineering DNA by developing high-grade projects successfully delivered for major telecom operators, automotive companies, retailers, banking institutions, and the healthcare industry. The developed solutions have reached over 60 million users, standing proof of a strong software engineering team and organizational culture. Tremend leverages the most innovative and latest technologies, from AI and IoT to Machine Learning and Microservices.

Tremend Software Consulting has been included twice in a row in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe ranking of the most dynamic technology suppliers in the region. The company was also included in Financial Times 1000 and Inc. 5000, two official rankings that list the fastest-growing European companies. Beyond technologies and numbers, the most important achievement was the acquisition of 648 Group, a US-based company that delivers premium web and mobile solutions. This is just the first step in Tremend’s expansion strategy, as the company aims to consolidate its position in the UK, the US, and Scandinavian markets in the short to medium term.

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