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The European Commission, together with its national partners and stakeholders, has officially rolled out the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform, the one-stop-shop for high-quality information, initiatives, and resources on elevating digital skills in the region.

As the technical partner of the consortium led by European Schoolnet, Tremend, one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Deloitte Fast 500 EMEA, has brought its contribution to this major step forward in empowering European citizens and organizations to reskill and upskill their digital competencies, by infusing its advanced digital transformation and innovation expertise in developing the platform.

Funded through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform will help individuals find relevant training and learning opportunities and it will improve knowledge-sharing between organizations and companies. It can help all users stay up to date with the latest Digital Skills initiatives, projects, funding, and good practices; at both EU and national levels.

The Platform brings together a diverse group of digital skills stakeholders from every country in Europe, all in one place for the first time – the Digital Skills & Jobs Community. Its members can access funding opportunities, find project partners, share content and resources, and network with peers and experts.

The Platform offers a wide range of content and community features including:

The consortium that developed the platform is composed of European Schoolnet, TremendDIGITALEUROPELIKTAEuropean DIGITAL SME AlliancePublic Libraries 2030, and empirica.

“We loved working on this project, both from a technical perspective and in terms of significance and impact in shaping the EU’s digital future. I’m very proud of our technical team for successfully delivering the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. It was an engaging technical challenge that included a complex architecture, with various components, multiple integrations and APIs, and a mix of emerging technologies. We would like to thank our consortium partners, the European Commission staff, and all the stakeholder organizations for their hard work, dedication, and involvement, and for the excellent collaboration” – Stefan Morcov, Managing Director, Tremend Benelux, says.

The release of the Platform is just the beginning of the progressive development of the content and features of the portal and of the ongoing growth of its community over the coming years. Together with our consortium partners, we are proud to be part of this exciting project and contribute to Europe’s digital transformation.

Read the news announcement published by the European Commission here.

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