Tremend, the 1st Salesforce-certified Romanian partner in the B2C Commerce segment for CEE

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Tremend, the company that has entered four times in a row in the FT 1000 ranking of the fastest-growing players in Europe, became the first Romanian partner that is Salesforce certified in the B2C Commerce segment for Central and Eastern Europe.

Salesforce B2C Commerce is one of the most advanced solutions based on cloud technology, which enables the unification of the clients’ experience across all selling points, including web, social networks, mobile, and in-store. From choosing the product and adding it to the basket to completing the transaction, the Salesforce B2C platform offers a bespoke, one-on-one shopping experience due to the integration of groundbreaking technologies, including predictive intelligence.

“Tremend is our first 100% Romanian partner for Commerce Cloud and this marks the beginning of a very exciting period for Salesforce in the region. Our collaboration was born due to the company’s extended experience in eCommerce, as well as their technical expertise acquired through the complexity of the projects already implemented. Skills that will allow us to replicate the same levels of quality project delivery that we have already seen in countries like America, the UK and France”, Femi Adeboye, eCommerce Strategy Consultant – Commerce Cloud Africa, The Middle East, CEE & Growth Markets, Salesforce, mentions.

As a result, the companies get to benefit from continuous support in the improvement and acceleration of their sales processes, as a result of the unification of all customer data in the Salesforce platform and of creating a complete, 360-degree image, over the customer portfolio, an image that is highly useful to the marketing, sales and customer service teams. 

Through the integration of this technology in the cloud, the solution facilitates getting relevant information from the data available inside the company, anytime, anywhere, making it possible for integration with any device or application.

“The changes during 2020 speeded up the digital transformation processes within companies and pushed eCommerce into being the sales channel with the biggest growth. In this competitive framework, the online commerce businesses shifted focus to an omnichannel approach towards customers due to technological advances and recent changes in people’s consumption habits. Thus, an online retailer can deliver a personalized shopping experience to its customers, with relevant and call to action messages according to their behavior and affinities. The online environment will be dominated more and more by companies eager to adopt new integrated software systems and willing to rely on their technological partners’ agility and efficiency on all available communication channels. We are always a close observant of market developments and consequently, we leverage emerging technologies, such as Machine Learning and AI, to build robust and scalable online platforms, tailored to each company business needs”, says Florin Ionescu, Presales Technical Architect, Tremend.

In 2019, Tremend became a Salesforce partner and implemented the suite of offered solutions across various verticals and types of businesses. From retail stores and health clinics to energy, industrial, and HR companies, Tremend provides consultancy and custom development software services, based on their business’s needs.

As a result of multiple certifications obtained by its dedicated team of software engineers, and relying on the technical expertise acquired, Tremend supports companies’ digital transformation through development, implementation, customization, consultancy, data management, and integration of software applications, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud. At the same time, the software company is able to deliver a distinct Customer Experience (CX) approach to companies, empowering them to optimize Customer Support, Sales, and Marketing department processes, and expand their businesses over new markets.

“Our team already has extensive experience in implementing Salesforce solutions for one of the biggest retailers at an international level. As a result of our expertise in online commerce projects implemented across a wide range of industries, this partnership with Salesforce on the B2C Commerce segment came naturally. Using the technical knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years regarding the platform, technologies, and cloud products, coupled with our skills of managing and integrating various solutions, we support companies in growing their sales and in creating a personalized interaction with the consumers, so that they can benefit from unique and memorable experiences across all digital channels”, says Ștefan Petcu, Business Development Manager, Tremend.

Salesforce is the number one cloud-based customer service management (CRM) software platform in the world with over 150,000+ customers — from small businesses to FORTUNE 500 companies.

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