Merci Charity Boutique

Tremend partnered up with the Vodafone Foundation to create a mobile app in order to help doctors sync their data regarding patients.

Merci Charity Boutique Case Study
Merci Charity Boutique
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Mobile app

Executive summary 

Tremend partnered up with the Vodafone Foundation to create a mobile app in order to help dentists sync their data regarding patients they were seeing in a mobile dental clinic. The app streamlined the entire data collection process and enabled doctors from the Merci Charity Association working on the Zana Merciluta – mobile dentistry clinics project to save a good amount of time when offering mobile dental care services and monitor their impact and costs. Tremend was an enabler in mobile medicine.

The client 

Established in 2012, Merci Charity is a non-profit organization that aims to support humanitarian causes through health and education projects for children with medical and social problems. The association established the first mobile dental office in Romania and created the legislation for the establishment, organization, and authorization of mobile medical offices in Romania. For its pioneering activities, the association was distinguished with “The Anthony Vavasis Innovation Award in Mobile Healthcare”, awarded by The Mobile Healthcare Association, USA.

This is the first project in Romania that aims to create a map of the dental health needs of the society and to enable doctors to treat for free children in need.

Merci Charity Boutique Case Study

Business Challenge 

The dentists from Merci Charity Association working on the Zana Merciluta project were not able to digitally record their data because of the lack of Internet access in the remote areas where they operated. As a result, they were required to write down all patient information and keep all papers in one place. This consumed a lot of time and ran the risk of losing the information gathered. Moreover, this process has to be later repeated by the association team who introduced the data on the computer, so the time doubled.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

In order to solve this problem that doctors were facing, Tremend developed an Android mobile app called Aplicația cabinetelor și unităților medicale mobile (ACUMM) . This app-enabled doctors to streamline data entry operations and keep all their patient’s data in a safe place. The moment the app had access to the internet, the doctors could manually sync and save the data on their physical servers.

 Doctors were now able to save all their customer data in a shorter amount of time. This allowed them to complete seven dental campaigns in poor villages across Romania considerably faster. To top it all off, they were able to get the assurance that their patients’ data will safely be stored on the server.

The ACUMM application also enabled doctors to easily connect to a mobile printer and print all the files on paper. As a result, mobile doctors could save the history of each patient in a database and gain access to up-to-date results.



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Tremend was able to design a high-end, reliable mobile app that enabled doctors to save precious time and also store their patients’ data on the physical server.  As a result, Merci Charity Boutique, the association behind the NGO, created an environment that would streamline the activities of mobile doctors.

This project enabled by Tremend was an innovation in mobile medicine. The project won first place in a Gala held in 2018 by the Civic Romanian Institute. The ACUMM app was also featured in many publications and is considered an eye-opener for civil society regarding the need for dental care in rural areas of Romani

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