Braeburn, one of the largest thermostat manufacturers in the United States, required a modern platform to support its new lines of WiFi-connected thermostats and maintain compatibility with existing products.

Braeburn Case Study
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Executive summary 

Braeburn, one of the largest thermostat manufacturers in the United States, required a modern platform to support its new lines of WiFi-connected thermostats and maintain compatibility with existing products. In addition, Braeburn wanted to allow its customers, partners, and distributors to manage thermostats from their smartphones. Tremend developed a complete solution that includes a web platform, four mobile apps, and CRM integration in order to enable Braeburn to expand and grow its range of products.

The client 

Founded in 2001, Braeburn is recognized for providing digital and electro-mechanical thermostats and humidity controls, residential and commercial zoning systems, and a wide range of accessories for installation by professional contractors worldwide. They are the 3rd largest thermostat manufacturer in the US.

Braeburn Case Study

Business Challenge 

Braeburn needed a complex platform that would incorporate a custom CRM, geofencing, provisioning, and integration with third-party systems.

The company also needed a revamp for its mobile apps, in order to allow its partners to remotely offer immediate assistance in case of troubleshooting. Moreover, they wanted to offer end-users a way to control their smart thermostats from anywhere, using their mobile phones

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend created an improved solution that could accommodate CRM integration, secure cloud connectivity, provisioning, geofencing, and support for integration with third-party platforms such as Alexa or Google Home.

The final solution leverages CloudMatix, Tremend’s IoT business orchestration platform that enables device manufacturers and distributors to shift from a “sell and forget” business model to an ongoing customer relationship.

Working closely with Braeburn, the experts from Tremend were able to create four mobile apps: two for the end customers and two for the partners. Users were able to operate current thermostat values, control the device and ensure alerts triggering, using either the iOS or Android app, while partners were able to generate reports, find errors, and even fix thermostats without having to physically check them.








The new platform had a resounding success, boosting the company’s sales and enabling it to get more deals in a shorter amount of time. In addition to being more secure, it was also able to accommodate CRM integration, geofencing, improved structure, and better connectivity. 

Additionally, it provided the cloud infrastructure to allow users to store their own data in the cloud. Today, over 45,000 companies and households from all over the world are using BlueLink Smart Connect, the app delivered by Tremend.

Tremend’s partnership with Braeburn resulted in four new apps, for both the end-users and the partners/dealers. Dealers were now able to save a lot of time by configuring and fixing thermostats from a distance, while customers were now able to manage their thermostats on their phones, set up time intervals, and create holidays.

This partnership between Tremend and Braeburn keeps expanding, with new features being developed every month. The latest feature is Alexa & Google Home integration, enabling users to control their thermostats using these smart assistants.

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