Tremend was contracted by Safebridge, for a project aimed at integrating a Single Sign-On service for use within all Safebridge solutions.

Safebridge Case Study
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Executive summary 

Tremend was contracted by Safebridge, for a project aimed at integrating a Single Sign-On service for use within all Safebridge solutions. As part of the effort, the entire user database was redesigned, migrated, and, at the same time, new instances were linked with existing data throughout Safebridge infrastructure. The project also involved adopting a new design to match the modern best practices by adding a few new graphic elements, menus, and an Avatar Bar. The new setup allowed existing users to navigate through the same platforms seamlessly.

The client 

Safebridge is one of the undisputed leaders in the maritime industry, offering a complete chain of digital competence management solutions. The company stands for innovative and progressive e-learning concepts. Their expertise, coupled with global reach and deep knowledge in the maritime industry, allows them to deliver outstanding results for individuals, professionals, and companies.

Safebridge Case Study

Business Challenge 

Due to the rapid growth of its database and a desire to offer the ideal user experience for its customers, Safebridge decided to invest in a new user management system prepared to host over 1 million users in total. 

The team behind Safebridge wanted to collaborate with an expert in developing integration projects since the effort involved would bring together development teams from 4 different companies. Thanks to its long-term experience in bespoke platform integration solutions, Tremend became Safebridge’s software engineering partner and led the effort with a technical architect and a handful of senior software developers.

Solution delivered by Tremend 

Tremend designed a complex solution for Safebridge’s Learning Management System (LMS) that included a new user management module inside the existing platform, and an access management module over several of the company’s systems. This project also integrates with LoginRadius, a third-party SaaS identity management platform.

Tremend was able to re-invent some of the old LMS menus in Angular 7 and grant access to them using a whole new user access management system based on a set of different business rules.

Due to the integration of LoginRadius and the migration of all users, the entire e-learning platform was re-written to accommodate the existing links between companies, users, and admins. At the same time, the historical data of users was kept intact (like reports, course assignments, questions, and assessments).

A new login/register page was created to oversee all Safebridge products, and an avatar bar enhancement was added to several of the platforms, to identify or redirect users appropriately, based on their LoginRadius user type and platform user access.






Angular 7



Besides the visual upgrade, the immense effort going into these developments brought major improvements in terms of reliability for the new setup. The new platform was able to sustain over 1 million users and offer improved reliability, scalability, and overall user experience further supported by positive feedback from the Safebridge customers.

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