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Spreadsheet dojo widget

Update3: We’re back to our own hosting. Update2: Razvan Dragomirescu was kind enough to mirror the spreadsheet widget. Click here to access the demo. Thanks, Razvan! Update: Due to high traffic the demo page might load very slowly. Please have patience. In the last weeks, I’ve been using my so very little spare time to create a spreadsheet widget based on dojo.Click here for a…
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End to end UTF-8 encoding usage with MySql and Spring – Part 2

One thing I forgot to mention was the usage of Spring message bundles. Usually, a ResourceBundleMessageSource is configured to inject bundle messages for Spring MVC. The only bad thing is that I could not specify an encoding for the configured files. As the default properties format is ISO 8859-1 character encoding and tedious operations like the transformation of Unicode…
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