Spreadsheet dojo widget

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Spreadsheet dojo widget

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  1. Update3: We’re back to our own hosting.
  2. Update2: Razvan Dragomirescu was kind enough to mirror the spreadsheet widget. Click here to access the demo. Thanks, Razvan!
  3. Update: Due to high traffic the demo page might load very slowly. Please have patience.

In the last weeks, I’ve been using my so very little spare time to create a spreadsheet widget based on dojo.
Click here for a demo of the spreadsheet widget. It is based on release 0.3.1 of dojo toolkit. Dojo is an excellent framework. Scores 3rd in this Ajaxian survey. The first two: Prototype and Scriptaculous are lightweight frameworks and certainly don’t offer as much functionality as Dojo. If you make a top of the “heavy” js frameworks, Dojo will definitely take 1st place.

So here’s the status of the widget:


  • Based on Toolbar and TabContainer widgets
  • Keyboard cell navigation
  • Column, row resizing
  • Cell, column, and row selection
  • Cell formatting (font, font size, bold, italic, underline, color, background color)
  • Sheet management (rename, delete, new)
  • Functions (22 math functions, 6 string functions)


  • This widget is definitely not final and has several bugs
  • Tested with Firefox and IE only
  • On IE runs slower than Firefox
  • If it would be released as an independent piece of software it would be labeled as a 0.7 version

Goals for the “1.0” version:

  • Fix all remaining bugs related to the column, row resizing, and selection
  • Support cell presentation format (dates could be displayed as mm-dd-yyyy, numbers as xx.xx, etc)
  • Support for date functions
  • Post spreadsheet data in JSON format to be saved serverside
  • Improve validation

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