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End to end UTF-8 encoding usage with MySql and Spring – Part 2

One thing I forgot to mention was the usage of Spring message bundles. Usually, a ResourceBundleMessageSource is configured to inject bundle messages for Spring MVC. The only bad thing is that I could not specify an encoding for the configured files. As the default properties format is ISO 8859-1 character encoding and tedious operations like the transformation of Unicode…
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DBUnit loses data

If not used properly Dbunit can lose data. I’m using dbunit version 2.1 which has the following bug: when importing a file if the first row in the dataset file has missing columns, no further data from subsequent rows will be imported. The solution when using the dbunit ant task will be to first perform an export operation to an…
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Accessing Java Constants from JSTL

It’s been a while now since the first specifications of JSTL. Since then it emerged as a standard for the presentation layer in web applications, replacing the ugly scriptlets with nice looking tags that resembles the HTML or XML markup. JSTL provides tags for typical presentation layer tasks, such as iterations, conditional content, data formatting, XML manipulation and database access, and its expression language makes working with dynamic attribute values a lot easier.

Develop with pleasure – IntelliJ Idea 6.0 Beta

IntelliJ’s Idea 6.0 Beta is out and available free for evaluation. The most expected features were GWT support, TeamCity integration, UI designer enhancements, and productivity/editing features. I have not tried (yet) UI and team integration but here are some things that caught my eye. Built-in Code coverage support – Programmers love improving their code and what better way to do…
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iBatis O/R mapping

After some years of Hibernate or Spring+Hibernate, it was time to try something new. Not for the sake of trying something new, but more out of the need. The problem Think of a legacy database, very generic, without a clear business model representation. As a metadata storage database, different business objects persisted in the same data structures. The solution Navigating…
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