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Functional Safety in the automotive industry, part 1: The rise of C

Bogdan Andone

In the 1980s electronically controlled ignition and fuel injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed for the automotive industry, as ignition and injection analog units started to be progressively replaced by the more controllable digital alternatives facilitated by the availability of microcontrollers.  Electronically-controlled ignition and fuel-injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed in the automotive industry,…
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Bogdan Andone

SafeStorage – How we’ve Built a Smart Locker for Managing Testing Devices

Developing a high volume of mobile applications at a time also involves a large number of QA engineers thoroughly testing the solutions on various environments, making sure that the final product is delivered with respect to the specifications and the quality standards defined. But having a transparent process for test device management, while vital, it’s often difficult. Because tracking where…
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ING Bazar

Tremend designed and built for ING Bank a complex card-linked loyalty solution, intended as a powerful marketing tool that allows merchants to target very specific client segments (using bank’s demographic and transactional data) to deliver promotions.

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