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A User Experience Audit (UX Audit) is a way to pinpoint less-than-perfect areas of a digital product, revealing which parts of a site or app are causing headaches for users and stymieing conversions. An effective UX audit targets issues to ultimately create an easier and more seamless user journey. This process can help to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

Tremend’s UX audit services aim to enhance your user experience and optimize metrics such as improving cross-team collaboration, enhancing contextual information, and decreasing cognitive load & manual work.

Improve your Enterprise Applications

Our UX Audit Process

Using Metrics & Context: these provide quantitative information regarding user flows within the website, conversion or abandonment, site hotspots, or even what users were doing before visiting the site.

Product & Company Alignment: apart from speaking with the stakeholders & the devs and understanding their pans requirements, we need to consider the client’s expectations from the product and look into the competition to assess how we scale.

Organizing Collected Data: our team uses spreadsheets to organize collected data and ensure that everyone involved stays in the loop. This process allows everyone to collaborate, as well as receive and record questions and ideas alongside relevant metrics.

Presenting Output: Tremend’s UX experts provide a flow analysis that combines with collected data to result in a page-by-page actionable list of suggestions to be made in order to improve the experience, metrics, and cognitive load.

Recommendations for Improvement: once the findings are listed, these can then be handed over to the design team. They will analyze and deliver recommendations that impact the client and the customer, recommendations that would also be converted into flow improvements, better customer interaction, and more. We’re leveraging visual design, responsive design, message clarity, and accessibility features to allow our clients to benefit from the best recommendations possible.

Findings Compilation: we’re organizing results by criteria including critical usability issues, quick wins, A/B test suggestions, impact, and challenges to identify which potential areas for improvement could impact dramatically customer experience, user happiness, and conversion overall.

Our UX Audit Projects

Our UX Audit Projects

UX Audit for European
Environment Agency (EEA)

This project aimed to analyze the strength and weaknesses of the EEA’s website. This mapping was necessary so that EEA’s team could become experts in auditing their assets. Tremend offered several compelling improvement steps and aided EEA to transform its website into a more functional, appealing one with decreased cognitive load & better customer experience overall.

UX Audit for

Our UX specialists had a look at to find possible usability issues that can affect the overall user experience and conversions. We offered a plethora of suggestions for improvement along with tips on getting constant feedback and improving the page design in the future.

Why Choose Tremend as your UX Audit Partner?

A UX audit is a time-consuming process, but it can also be the difference between a product that consistently underperforms and one that surpasses expectations. Our UX audit services aim to provide your organization with a clear picture of the positives and pitfalls of the current product experience and can help you better target what to focus on in future design enhancements.

We have a professional team of UX audit experts with vast experience in behavioral metrics, data collection, and analysis. Our team has helped hundreds of public and private companies to improve their products and services and benefit from a winning UX for their sites.

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