Application Modernization Services

Seamless migration of legacy codebase to modern architectures via Cloud

Application Modernization Services

Harness the Power of Application
Modernization for your Business

Tremend uses innovative methodologies and tools in order to assess your specific needs and identify the best approach for seamless modernization and migration of legacy codebase to modern architectures. Modern businesses that want to leverage the benefits of modern architectures can now capitalize on Tremend’s experience in cloud migration, dockerization, and rearchitecting microservices.

Seamless migration of legacy codebase to modern architectures via Cloud

Our Application Modernization Services

With over 16 years of experience in the software development industry, Tremend is proud to offer reliable, bespoke modern architecture migration services. We can quickly update your app’s language version, perform framework updates, and migrate libraries and tools.

Here is a breakdown of our main services you can gain access to:

Cloud application migration: we offer custom-tailored application migration to cloud environments.

Dockerization: we’re experts in packing, deploying, and running applications using Docker containers.

Rearchitecting microservices: migrating your existing applications to microservices allows your company to design an easy-to-understand business model.

Application modernization: we help you keep pace with the changes in your market by modernizing your applications and offering truly scalable options for your brand.

Various updates for legacy systems: we’re updating obsolete technologies to give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Some of Our Application
Modernization Projects

Tremend’s team of highly skilled engineers has been involved in
a number of modernization services for large companies, such as Orange, Leroy,
WorthPoint, Essentra, and Braeburn.

Let’s explore some of these projects:

Our team has updated the architecture of the Orange main portal utilizing a prototype, several integration points, and Java Service Messaging services. Our solution was deployed in a distributed Oracle Weblogic environment, featuring several active instances and using transparent caching based on Memcached.

Tremend’s engineers have integrated Google Cloud Products into Leroy Merlin’s platforms, as part of the company’s migration from Microsoft 360 to Google Apps. Additionally, our team has designed the PHENIX ERP for Leroy Merlin, an improved ERP tool.

Some of Our Application Modernization Projects
Some of Our Application Modernization Projects

This was a platform upgrade that included building additional projects, prototypes, and tools ranging from WorthPoint’s mobile apps, enhanced searching algorithms, and OCR integration to AR (augmented reality) prototypes built for both web and mobile.

Tremend’s team has performed a successful relocation of Essentra’s platform to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform, which offered increased and scalable performance and provided consistent improvement in the solution update cycles speed, thus allowing implementation of a truly continuous deployment flow.

This application modernization project involved
setting up an improved solution
that could accommodate CRM integration,
secure cloud connectivity, provisioning,
geofencing, and support for
integration with third-party platforms
such as Alexa or Google Home.

Why do you need our
Application Modernization Services?

The digital transformation is enabling millions of companies to enhance their product quality, save money, improve their processes, and scale up their operations. Legacy systems have become obsolete, and are slowly being replaced by modern architectures. Using specific modernization tools, software providers such as Tremend can achieve a fully automated migration.

Whether you are a small or large organization, you can take advantage of our application modernization services to transform your legacy applications into modular, flexible, and reliable modern apps. At Tremend, we’re using an agile approach in order to speed up the release process and let you enjoy a cost-effective, quick migration.

Our agile approach goes hand in hand with bespoke business integration and automation to take your company’s digital transformation to a whole new level. Tremend’s promise to you is a reduction in development cost while maintaining a high level of efficiency, an increase in customer satisfaction, better user feedback, and quicker growth and scaling for your business.


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