Tremend launches HumanoID research project in collaboration with the University of Bucharest

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Tremend and the University of Bucharest launched HumanoID, an AI-driven research project for identity verification and document authenticity validation.

HumanoID aims to increase the competitiveness of the economic environment in Europe through an advanced IT product in the field of intelligent specialization.

This solution will be able to scan, recognize, and extract printed text from identity documents, and will also perform automatic onboarding. HumanoID will provide facial comparison and image validation of two photos, as well as an analysis of either two identity documents, or a real-time face scan photo and an ID photo.

HumanoID will be used for user enrollment processes such as candidates for exams, or customers in commercial applications, and supports Tremend’s specialized products, such as TORP or Safe Storage. The solution will have wide applicability across numerous industries as well as various organizations, from small companies to public institutions, central and local government and administration, banks, and financial institutions.

This work was supported by a grant from the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, CCCDI – UEFISCDI, project number 32PTE/2020, within PNCDI III.

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