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Tremend Software Consulting presents Tremend Studio, the new virtual place for companies looking to drive growth, explore proven ways to address customers’ needs and gain a competitive edge through a compelling User Experience strategy. Here they can find the best UX experts to enable them to bring their vision to life and build impactful digital products.

Featuring an ever-growing library of detailed UX success stories and case studies, resources, and inspiration, Tremend Studio showcases Tremend’s work and its advanced expertise in crafting well-planned customer engagement and retention strategies that help brands create authentic, human-centered identities that build trust.

From mobile applications and websites to omnichannel and enterprise software, Tremend’s UX team empowers brands to define their image with UI design services and make a long-lasting impact with UX design services, leading to fast delivery of real, tangible results.

“Tremend Studio is a team of UI/UX design and technology enthusiasts devoted to finding practical and efficient solutions to challenging problems. Our interdisciplinary team works creatively, methodically, and with business affinity on projects for leading brands and innovative businesses worldwide. Our goal is to always go above and beyond with each project. And we succeed in doing this by mixing an analytical approach with creative design thinking, as well as by being committed to continuous learning, staying ahead of the curve and having a strong passion for UI/UX design”, Vlad Chiratcu, UX Engineering Manager at Tremend, says.

Tremend Studio’s team comes with extended hands-on expertise in delivering positive experiences for users of digital products by anticipating and fulfilling their needs, thus creating real customer loyalty and value.

During the years, Tremend’s UI/UX experts successfully partnered up with global clients from various industries, including banking, telecom, healthcare, education, and eCommerce, turning their ideas from the ground up into winning digital solutions that delight the customers. Last year, two of these solutions were recognized for their innovation, fluent usability, and excellent user interaction: First Bank’s mobile applications received the award for the best use of technology in banking during the Business Arena event, and Regina Maria’s My Account solution won the Silver award in the Mobile Apps category at Internetics gala.

Discover Tremend UX Team and its work on Tremend Studio’s website and Behance account.

Welcome to the new age of UI/UX strategy

Tremend Studio offers ongoing UI/UX design services and constant Agile Design improvements in a 6-stage process: user research, market research, user interface design, testing, UX strategy, and UX consultancy. This process is highly interactive and requires strong and effective collaboration, as it’s developed to focus on the outcomes and not just on the deliverables. From strategy to execution, Tremend’s UI/UX Design services are created by applying key brand identity elements to establish a prominent market position, coupled with innovative ways to make it easy for customers to engage with the digital product, thus creating more perceived value.

Today, building a digital presence ‒ on the web or within a mobile application ‒ is vital for any organization. Companies rely on attractive interfaces, appealing content, and well-crafted marketing strategies to promote their web and mobile apps, however, they forget that stunning animations, unique content, and catchy ads should be backed by great UI/UX design. When it comes to spending the marketing budget on driving traffic to their digital assets, companies want to make sure that they optimize the user interface to create an easy-to-navigate platform with an intuitive user experience. It’s all about maximizing the opportunity to convert visitors into users and ultimately into buyers and advocates.

Get in touch with Tremend Studio and discuss your current challenges. With user-centric, flow-oriented, and device-agnostic experiences, Tremend’s UI/UX experts can help you maximize your customer journey and satisfaction through expert user experience consulting services, tailored UX strategy and design, and product and user research.

Join Tremend’s Webinar on How to Properly Perform a Migration to AWS

Join Tremend’s Webinar on How to Properly Perform a Migration to AWS

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Let’s meet at the Future Banking 2020 event

Let’s meet at the Future Banking 2020 event

Join us on September 9th, 2020 at the Future Banking event, the virtual space to gain strategic insights from technology experts and business leaders in the financial sector, and explore new ways of harnessing digital innovation to take your business forward. Ștefan Pătra, Vice President of Financial Services at Tremend, will be joining the Fireside Chat: 5 digital questions for…

Tremend’s commitment during Covid-19 crisis

Tremend’s commitment during Covid-19 crisis

We’ve been closely monitoring the dynamic situation of COVID-19, along with the rest of the world. As the virus continues to impact people and organizations around the world, the health, and well-being of our employees, our partners, and the community remain our top priority. We will continue to offer high-quality services and stability for our partners, to maintain safe, secure,…

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