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Tremend’s ePayment expertise caters to the growing business needs of modern digital companies, Banks, NFIs, Fintechs, and Retailers. Tremend offers modern solutions leveraging various Payment Services, issuing and acquiring channels, and delivering mobile-first or web-responsive platforms.

Card payments Services

Card payments Services and your benefits

Our team of financial services specialists is involved in the ongoing implementation of ePayment projects, such as:

Mobile PFM (Personal Finance Management) through Open Banking AISP

We’ve designed a viable system that enables the cardholders enrolled within our customer’s app to access information related to their accounts on a single screen.

Tokenization Process

Apple Pay Wallet enrollment & InAppProvisioning and Google Pay Push Provisioning: We took part in the process of provisioning debit and credit cards on iOS & Android Devices.

Mastercard (M4M) /VISA (CTF) implementations: We’ve designed tokens for merchants and Cloud Token Framework with the scope to mitigate the number of fraudulent transactions.

COF and P2P integration

Within the SelfPay Mobile App, the users are enrolling their cards to make recurring payments – card on file or P2P. In this way, bills and installments are automatically paid before the due date, and P2P transactions are a convenient way for users to split bills or rent.

Card Management – Our customers requested new features developed within the Mobile Applications like:

Non–financial Operations: PIN Resend, Temporary lock or permanently lock, Renew card.

Financial Operations: Update Limits/Change limits, Sale converting in Installment for Credit card transactions, Transaction History.

Sensitive Data Display: Enhancements of Mobile Banking App to retrieve, decrypt and display sensitive data as PAN Display, CVC2/CVV2/ Expiration Date/ PIN Display.

Strong Customer Authentication (3DSecure v.2) – Tremend’s specialists offered two types of integrations:

Merchant integration with Payment Processor – Connecting the Merchant platform to 3DS Servers for an authentication request via APIs.

Bank integration with Payment Processor – Integration of the Bank systems with Payment Processor’s ACS (Access Control Server) and RBA (Risk-Based Authentication) module to offer the cardholder a frictionless authentication flow.

ePayment Services by Tremend

Tremend provides a variety of bespoke ePayment services specifically designed
for the growing needs of our customers. Let’s explore some of them:

Open banking: we’re working with Open Banking institutions registered as Account Information Service Providers (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISP) to allow access and control to third-party financial services companies.

Strong Customer Authentication (3DSecure v.2): we ensure that eCommerce transactions comply with EMV and PSD2 standards, relying on multi-factor authentication to reduce fraudulent attempts and offer a safe environment for online purchasing.

Tokenization Process: a secure experience for customers who enroll their cards in a payment processor, either directly within Proprietary Wallet Apps like Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, within the Proprietary Bank’s Wallet Apps.

Card Management: we enable financial institutions to digitize their Operations requests to reduce the friction within Front Offices and Call Centers.

COF and P2P integration: a card on file transaction for which the cardholder authorizes the merchant to store their card details to make recurring payments like installments and bills.

P2P: or Peer to Peer are payments that allow transfer between two persons by enrolling their cards or bank accounts within Mobile Apps.

Why choose Tremend’s
ePayments Services?

Tremend stands out in this industry by having a highly experienced team of Financial Services Specialists with a Banking and Electronic Payments background, able to understand, develop and integrate all Financial Services requirements in the digital ecosystem. We are a global partner of Mastercard, and we’re up to date with industry mandates issued, along with new features and processes that are released within the Financial Market.

Contact us for any type of ePayment or card services you might have and capitalize on our promise of providing top-notch integration services for your specific needs.

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We’re proud to have built strong partnerships with industry-leading companies worldwide, becoming the Technology and Innovation Partner of choice for Global 500 customers for their most complex and critical projects.

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