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Functional Safety in the automotive industry, part 1: The rise of C

Bogdan Andone

In the 1980s electronically controlled ignition and fuel injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed for the automotive industry, as ignition and injection analog units started to be progressively replaced by the more controllable digital alternatives facilitated by the availability of microcontrollers.  Electronically-controlled ignition and fuel-injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed in the automotive industry,…
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Bogdan Andone

A Deep Analysis of the eCommerce Value Chain

In the eCommerce industry, a value chain represents the actual set of actions that a company performs to create and deliver its products. The value chain is quite different online than offline. For instance, offline, the value chain includes arranging the product on the shelf and performing in-store marketing operations. Today, eCommerce companies that sell mainly online offer a simplified…
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Running an IoT platform in production with Kubernetes

The Internet of Things has been a focus of ours over the past few years and an area we’ve developed a lot of expertise in. Our current offering consists of a fully-fledged end-to-end IoT platform that empowers both device makers and users via numerous capabilities. On one hand, product makers need user and device management, device metrics, and product analytics….
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