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Functional Safety in the automotive industry, part 1: The rise of C

Bogdan Andone

In the 1980s electronically controlled ignition and fuel injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed for the automotive industry, as ignition and injection analog units started to be progressively replaced by the more controllable digital alternatives facilitated by the availability of microcontrollers.  Electronically-controlled ignition and fuel-injection systems were the first major embedded systems deployed in the automotive industry,…
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Bogdan Andone

Here’s How Blockchain Will Transform the Public Sector in the (Near) Future

Blockchain is a modern technology that involves using secure and transparent data while reducing redundancy, enabling trust between the parties involved in the data exchange, and eliminating central points of failure that could put that data in jeopardy. This allows for easier data querying, enablement of near-instant processes (i.e. smart contracts), and reducing or eliminating altogether the need for a…
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PSD2 – Securely Step into the Open-Bank Universe

It’s been over a year since PSD2, or European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2, was first released to the open public. This directive, considered by many voices in the banking industry to be the most significant regulation in Europe to affect the banking sector in the last few decades, continues to stir up controversies. However, in practice, its impact has…
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Functional Verification – lifting the veil

Introduction Over the course of 18 years in the Functional Verification field, I’ve been asked many times what it is that we actually do. Are our desks draped in wires, cables, and measurement devices? Are we testers? What exactly are we testing? What is verification? In a world dominated by software and applications, comparatively little attention is given to the…
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Why chatbots cannot learn directly from human conversations

From the series: A practical approach between myth and reality In the previous article, we presented two ways of categorizing conversational agents — more widely known as chatbots — along with their advantages, limitations, and use case scenarios. In the current post, we are focused on emphasizing how chatbots infer knowledge from human conversations through a basic rule-based system, machine learning, and…
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The power of word embeddings

Natural language processing is a messy and complicated affair but modern advanced techniques are offering increasingly impressive results. Word embeddings are a modern machine learning technique that has taken the natural language processing world by storm.

Machine Learning Use-Cases in Human Language Processing

Over the past few years, we’ve seen amazing improvements in machine learning applied to natural languages. New applications have emerged, and some of them are likely to change how humans communicate with each other and with their computers. In our previous blog post, we described how machines learn to “understand” and use natural language. Here is a shortlist of some of the…
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