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IoT Software Development Services
Build scalable IoT devices and take your business to a whole new level

Keep your competitive edge in the fourth industrial revolution

At Tremend, we offer a wide range of end-to-end IoT services to help you securely manage thousands of devices and massive volumes of data in real-time across any network or cloud. We make the most out of Industry 4.0 trends to help you gain a competitive advantage in your niche.

Because IoT makes today's life easier and more productive, we strive to make IoT more accessible to any company. We offer IoT software development solutions, device management and security tailored to your unique needs. We are keen on setting up complex integrations in any type of industry and niche to help your company stay ahead of the curve.

Write your own success story

We can help design your own custom IoT solution or simply enhance the effectiveness of one of your projects by leveraging our IoT software developers engineers’ skills and experience. We have a vast range of experience in the IoT sphere, spanning from complex projects in automotive and home automation to expansive industrial work.

Full-stack IoT software development services

At Tremend, we offer a wide range of IoT software solutions that cater to all the needs of our customers. Let’s explore some of the services we offer below:

Cloud Applications

  • Deployments of IoT clouds for consumer and smart building devices
  • Microservices, big data, analytics, public and private cloud architectures

Mobile Applications

  • Mobile interfaces to enterprise systems, vehicles, and IoT devices
  • Native (Swift, Java, Kotlin) or hybrid mobile technologies (React Native, Flutter)
  • GPS, geofencing and location-aware tracking applications

Device Firmware

  • Home, enterprise and industrial network connectivity
  • Device prototyping and production firmware services
  • Expertise in Linux, Android and embedded microcontroller platforms

IoT Network operations

  • Live deployments of device networks using MQTT, Amazon AWS IoT, and Microsoft Azure IoT
  • Level 2 and Level 3 support for consumer IoT device manufacturers servicing users in the US and Europe
  • Intelligent monitoring NOC software with automated alert monitoring

Network Connectivity:

  • Long-time collaboration with European telecom operators
  • Technical partner of Actility, a major player in Low-Power, Wide Area Network solutions (LoRa, NB-IoT)
  • Pioneered first working NB-IoT prototypes in Romania in partnership with an important multinational telecommunications company

Business Integrations Cloud Applications:

  • Turnkey solutions - customer care portals, eCommerce platforms, content management solutions
  • 7 deployments of IoT clouds for consumer and smart building devices
  • Mobile and web banking platforms for leading financial service providers
  • Microservices, big data, analytics, public and private cloud architectures

Custom Development Mobile Applications:

  • 100+ apps for iOS and Android
  • Native (Swift, Java, Kotlin) and hybrid mobile technologies (React Native, Flutter)
  • Mobile interfaces to enterprise systems, vehicles and IoT devices
  • Expertise in low power Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • GPS, geofencing and location-aware tracking applications

Why choose Tremend as your IoT Development Partner?

Out of the 14 years of experience, we have in the custom software development industry, we come with 13 years of expertise building and operating IoT projects and platforms. We have enabled our customers to manage over 200.000 connected devices in over 20 IoT deployments.

We’ve worked with companies from 10 countries and developed hundreds of enterprise projects, together with countless IoT-related tasks. Below are some of the projects that have made us proud in the past:

Take your IoT infrastructure to the next level by leveraging turnkey solutions developed by likeminded professionals

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Aurora Lighting
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Mike Jones - Aurora Lighting
Mike Jones
Aurora Lighting
We really worked well with the Tremend team even though they were a remote team. Very good project management backed up by a team of deep techies who impressed us with their knowledge and understanding of what we were trying to achieve. Highly recommend.

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