Flutter Mobile Development Services

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Flutter Mobile Development Services

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The hybrid mobile technologies are taking huge leaps ahead in terms of development time reduction while at the same time providing a fully native experience across both Android and iOS platforms.

At Tremend, we take great pride in how we managed to use Flutter to speed up the implementation time of projects that use native behavior while also creating a seamless experience for the end-users. With this technology, we can guarantee a state-of-the-art mobile application delivery in very competitive timeframes and at the best possible quality.

Flutter Mobile Development Services

Our Flutter development

Pixel perfect implementation of the User Interface: our focus is to create a flawless user experience by carefully following the design to the smallest details, leading your business to profit the most from the mobile application.

APIs integration development: we ensure that all the data displayed in the app is loaded quickly and safely, providing users with consistent performance in all usage scenarios.

Cost and time of development optimization: our expertise, coupled with the power of Flutter SDK, provides a solid foundation for your idea to come to life faster and cheaper.

Unit tests coverage for all features: all the necessary unit tests are implemented to ease the maintenance process and ensure that the following features will require less development time.

Optimized application maintenance services: using a single codebase for both Android and iOS platforms speeds up the releases, simplifies and accelerates new team members’ ramp-up process, and increases roadmap visibility, all at a fraction of the cost of maintaining complete native applications.

Signal Iduna Care Assistant: our team managed to successfully create and maintain a complex business flow in which users can use digital life insurance services. We developed over 240 screens which took months of fine-tuning to get to the best version possible of the vision wanted by the client.

EPALE: this project involved a set of challenges that consisted of the content displayed in more than 20 languages available at any time and consistent UI across multiple devices on both Android & iOS. Using our technical expertise, Tremend’s experts helped EPALE infuse an Agile approach and innovative technologies to create adult training opportunities that support collaborative learning, knowledge creation, and a flexible learning style that drives organizational innovation and growth. At the first conference organized with EPALE in October 2020, we had over 1,200 participants per day and more than 250 workshop participants.

Why Tremend?

Our broad experience with mobile applications can give you the peace of mind that any technical difficulties you may encounter will be quickly solved. From the beginning of the process, we offer flexibility and guidance, which allows you to make the best decisions for your business. We are keen on providing user-friendly experiences through apps based on complex architectural patterns, thus transforming all new users into returning customers.

Ultimately, your business goals will be your only priority because of the low maintenance time and costs. As for your new ideas, with our short MVP development times, they can come to life within a matter of weeks.

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