ERP Solutions and Customer Relationship Management Systems

Working with SMEs and Fortune 500 companies for over 5 years, Tremend builds complex and highly performant ERP and CRM solutions currently handling over 30 million users.

ERP Solutions and Customer Relationship Management Systems

ERP solutions

ERP solutions

How can we help you

Through our custom ERP solutions, Tremend helps companies:

  • increase the effectiveness of their departments
  • reduce time-consuming activities
  • raise the overall performance of their workforce

Streamline your organization

Building custom ERP solutions for both SMEs and large corporations, we help our customers with process automation and business functions integrated into a single system.

Our capabilities

Due to the specific needs, an organization might have, our seasoned engineers are prepared for complex challenges, using the most reliable technologies adapted to each internal structure. We have extensive experience with building ERPs:

  • from the ground up
  • customizing any existing platform, adapting it perfectly to the desirable outcome

Advantages and solutions

Advantages and solutions

Key advantages of an
ERP solution built with Tremend

  • All your business data integrated into a single unified system
  • Customized software, specially developed for your business processes and industry
  • Reliable backup instruments
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Faster decisions and fewer mistakes
  • Saved time and expenses in implementing several business processes
  • Eliminated need to synchronize changes between multiple systems


Having extensive experience with building CRM systems or integrating them into an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, we can help your organization improve the lead management and customer relations processes. Organizing and synchronizing the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support departments, our custom-built CRMs are specially designed to maximize the results for your employees.

With further capabilities like Sales Force Automation (SFA), measurement of marketing campaigns, and use of technology, our CRM solutions provide:

  • the valuable insight that can be used to build business intelligence
  • big data analysis 
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) generation.

Features we successfully
implemented for our clients

  • Lead Generation and Follow-up Tracking
  • Campaign Management
  • Mass Email
  • Custom Fields and Filters
  • File Sharing
  • Automatic Address Book
  • Notes and Comments
  • Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Linking
  • Integration with 3rd party services, including analytics for Sales and Marketing campaigns

Our Clients

We’re proud to have built strong partnerships with industry-leading companies worldwide, becoming the Technology and Innovation Partner of choice for Global 500 customers for their most complex and critical projects.

What companies like yours say about us

Bob Pascazio - Bytefly
testimonial quotes
Bob Pascazio / Bytefly
The Tremend team displayed great involvement and agility in solving any challenges. We recommend Tremend for complex projects using various technologies.
Sean Chalmers
testimonial quotes
Sean Chalmers / Empire Corporation

Tremend has been helping us with our development needs since 2009. Their expertise and communication skills make them an excellent development partner.

Sune Toft - Headnet
testimonial quotes
Sune Toft / Headnet

We found Tremend to be a professional partner, who easily understands the requirements and improves the overall result with insight and technical skills.











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