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Cross-platform development using React Native Services
Developing, extending, and maintaining cross-platform applications using the latest tools

At Tremend, we’re highly experienced in developing, extending, and maintaining a wide range of mobile applications leveraging the powers of React-Native as the cross-platform tool of choice. From minimal, straightforward informational apps all the way to fully customized e-commerce platforms, we have the know-how to provide responsive, performant, and reliable applications while keeping a native experience for both Android and iOS users.

Our Cross-Platform Development Services & Benefits Provided

While using React Native in our projects, we were able to observe our clients' specific needs and provide them with the following key features and advantages:

  • Faster development times over traditional native implementations, as the codebase is shared between the Android and the iOS apps while still maintaining the native look and feel for each OS.
  • Rich ecosystem and community, leveraging the base language’s popularity (Javascript) and its rendering framework (React), who both benefit from vast support from the community and can quickly adapt to any business requirements.
  • Access to built-in features like Biometrics, Camera feed, NFC reading, writing, Push Notifications, Deep Linking, Vibration is facile and brings the user experience and interaction with the app to a whole new level.
  • Seamless integration with many 3rd party tools such as Social Authentication, Cloud Storage, Analytics Tracking, Crash Reporting, Augmented Reality, Payment Providers, and so on allows for complex business cases to be handled confidently.
  • OTA ( Over The Air ) Updates (when combined with Expo) - a powerful tool to deploy new features, fixes, and updates directly to the user’s pockets, without the need to rebuild the apps and redeploy them on the stores. Expo also brings the option to provide access to the app from the early stages of the development for the stakeholders, which has proven to be highly appreciated and valued by our clients.

Some of Our React Native Projects

Altex Romania - eCommerce Mobile App: Altex Romania is a Romanian company, which sells on and in the national network of stores, electronic products, IT equipment, and components. As more customers move online, the retailer’s focus moves more and more in the e-commerce area. The "eCommerce Mobile App" project provides Altex customers the ease to buy all those goods or services in a matter of seconds.

Proffice - TPA Rewrite: Proffice is a marketing and advertising company specialized in B2B and Corporate communication. They design and code websites, landing pages, emails, brand identities, event portals, and marketing campaigns. The scope of this project was to develop an iOS and Android application that features all theater venues and their locations and all the plays in these theaters' schedules.

JamitLabs - Climmi: JamitLabs is a software development company specialized in mobile applications (iOS and Android, native and cross-platform). This project's scope is to develop a new frontend (React Native) and maintenance for a mobile app: This is a mobile app dedicated to investors that helps them manage real estate, loans, and rents.

Vodafone - Gamification: The Gamification project is a mobile addition to the MyVodafone app, with the mission to engage customers with Vodafone core consumer business in a fun and memorable way by creating a digital funnel with a higher conversion rate than classic SMS and push means of engagement, while also increasing adoption of digital actions by making them entertaining & enjoyable for the customers. This goal is achieved through an interactive game involving a competition between cats and dogs.

NEPI - Loyalty App: The scope of this project is to build a loyalty mobile app for the shopping malls owned by NEPI. The app includes integrations with OCR, CRM, WordPress, Parking, API for cinema tickets purchase, and marketplace.

Why choose Tremend for your React Native app?

Tremend is an experienced software development company with a wide range of expertise implementing cross platform applications in industries like financial, public sector, retail services, telecom, and technology.

Our engineers have leveraged the benefits of React Native to architect, build, deploy and maintain applications for our partners by following the best practices the industry provides. We’ve also used Expo in some of our solutions, a tool that swiftly manages most of the complexity of building apps. We are intimately familiar with Vue-Native, a wrapper around React Native APIs, which allows you to use Vue.js to compose rich mobile user interfaces.

Our differentiators when it comes to cross-platform implementation services are:

  • Quick POC development: Our team of developers and specialists can quickly implement a proof of concept for your business’ needs for testing various use-cases before or during the implementation phase.
  • Shared knowledge: Tremend’s cross-platform team makes use of a repository of reusable patterns, tools, and best practices that we’ve managed to build over the years for React Native. One of our priorities is to continue enhancing this repository to create projects faster while keeping the same high level of quality.
  • Prestigious partners: We are a trusted partner to numerous high-profile companies, such as BCR, Vodafone, NEPI, Altex, and JamitLabs. All our solutions consider your clients’ needs and are focused on full coverage of their requirements.


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