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Managing, delivering and securing enterprise APIs

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Our Experience in working with
Enterprise APIs

At Tremend, we’re highly experienced in managing, delivering, and securing enterprise APIs. We leverage the power of API Gateways to encapsulate the entire internal system architecture of your brand and design an API tailored to your specific business needs. Our API Gateway development services can help you keep tabs on numerous aspects of your digital presence, including monitoring, authentication, caching, load balancing, management, and response handling.

Managing, delivering, and securing enterprise APIs

Our API Gateway Development

Some of the API Gateway related services we’ve integrated into our WSO2 development projects include:

Cloud and Container-native Microservices: native integration with Docker, Kubernetes, and a variety of other container-management platforms.

SaaS Systems, Enterprise Systems, Services, and Protocol Support: includes a variety of connectors across categories such as payments, CRM, ERP, social networks, legacy systems, and supports transports such as HTTP, HTTPS, WebSocket, gRPC, and different formats and protocols.

Connect and Expose Any Data Store as a Service: supports MSSQL, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2, Derby, or any database with a JDBC driver, and includes a declarative programming model for defining services and resources.

Manage, Monitor, and Analyze: this includes a comprehensive monitoring dashboard, a built-in collection and monitoring of statistics for system access, performance, and statistics for all artifact types, and support for integration to enterprise logging systems.

Achieve High Performance, High Availability, Scalability, Stability, and Security: supports thousands of concurrent, non-blocking HTTP(S) connections per server, and highly available deployment, and enables horizontal scaling via clustering with stateless server architecture, by ensuring long-term execution stability with low resource utilization.

Our API Gateway Development Projects

TORP for BRCI: this mammoth project involved creating a bespoke onboarding platform for the BRCI bank, enabling them to digitally onboard new clients and streamline this process using electronic ID verification & validation. Leveraging the power of TORP, our modular Origination Platform that relies on building blocks architecture that is easy to customize and adapt, we have managed to successfully implement an API Gateway framework whose goal is to increase the number of automatic approvals and disbursement, in line with the financial institution policies, tolerances, and risk appetite.

Why choose Tremend for your
API Gateway?

Here are some reasons why you need an API Gateway for your business digital presence:

Why choose Tremend for your API Gateway?

Provide extra flexibility:

due to the high flexibility an API gateway offers, your developers or software development partner can easily encapsulate the internal structure of an application, making it include several back-end components and services.

Simplify the service delivery:

an API Gateway can seamlessly combine several API calls and requests to easily retrieve data, services, and information using the RESTful infrastructure. This in turn reduces the traffic and the volume of requests, greatly streamlining the user journey and improving the user experience.

Enhance monitoring:

an API Gateway can use logs to help your company better monitor events and find faults, all at a fraction of the cost involved with other monitoring apps.

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